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Rurouni Kenshin *Not For Sale*

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Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin *Not For Sale* (Page 1)

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Opening Credits - Glove Bite!
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A3
Standard size
Opening Cel

No Background

Added 7/6/2011
Updated 8/23/2020
If you're a fan of Rurouni Kenshin, then you'd know the guy above and you would most probably know the song 1/2. My absolute favorite in the RK Anime sung by Makoto Kawamoto! But the biggest part of why I love that opening… Well it should be no surprise ne? Saito is looking his damn finest (and SEXIEST) with the glove biting which only happens there and NOT anywhere else! Everytime I see this opening I am DISARMED and the fangirl in me is shrieking herself to death! So I needed to own that piece of animation history. I wanted a piece of that moment. I wanted the ORIGINAL PRODUCATION CEL that was used for that special glove biting moment of wolfie-kun. I would give my kidney and then some. They say if you wish it hard enough, it happens, albeit a lot of work and maybe an empty pocket. LOL… This is my holy grail as a fan of Saitou. Yes there are other shots of him, as a cop, as a Shinsengumi Captain, as a medicine peddler, shots with Kenshin, shots with others even a wolf... But there is only -one- glove biting event. Strip tease anyone? He’s just so special… I LOVE HIM! And saying that feels like an understatement.

“God does not forbid anything…” Aishite'ru! Aishite'ru! Aishite'ru! - 2nd OP - 1/2 Makoto Kawamoto

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