Makoto Shinsengumi
Kenshin: Saitou Hajime

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 TV: Saitou

 TV: Opening Credits - Glove Bite!

 TV: Saitou OP Credits - Holy Grail

 TV: 3rd Captain of the Shinsengumi

 TV Ep 49: Saitou's Gatotsu!!! *Dream Cel*

 TV: To Settle a Score

 TV: Police Officer Fujita

 TV Ep 28: Saitou the Pharmacist Spy

 A Rough Look

 TV Ep 35: Saitou's Powerful Lines

 Fujita is Uneasy A10

 TV: Fujita is Uneasy A11

 Fujita is Uneasy A12

 Kyoto Grand Inferno

 Assessing the Damage

 TV Ep 46: The time to fight is now!

 Powers of Observation

 TV: Gatotsu Lecture #1

 Gatotsu Lecture #2

 TV Ep 58: A Wolf's Surprise

 TV Ep 58: Saitou's Hirazuki

 Relentless Wolf

 Gatotsu Zero Shiki!

 TV Ep 61: He was Immortal
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