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In Search Of...
last modified: Monday, October 05, 2020 (9:18:46 PM CST)
Does anybody remember that show by Leonard Nimoy? Heh... But back in the day I used to see WTB "Want to buy", these days I see ISO, "In search of". I thought how times have changed and yet that thing that I want hasn't. I still want a Saitou Hajime cel of Rurouni Kenshin. I do know of a few up on the Japanese websites but I already have sequence mates of those so it's probably best to give others opportunity to get them. So yeah I want a Saitou cel. I'll even do a trade if it's something I want enough. Unfortunately it's taking me forever to put up my collection in my website. So... a lot of my cels are not yet visible either here on RS or on my website. But contact me if you have a Saitou or Shinsengumi artwork for sale. I'll try to make it worthwhile.
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Slowly Waking Up
last modified: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 (8:52:37 PM CST)
I realized it's been a couple of years since I last thought about writing a blog. I've been buying here and there and it's even got to the point where i "forgot" i had money in the 3rd party bidding services and that i forgot what my passwords were here and on AB. I notice there were some new faces but also old names as well. I can't remember when I joined but I think it was about 10 years ago? Don't get me wrong I still visit my gallery on rubberslug, it reminds me of a time when i used to write tons and tons of descriptions on certain cels. My first uploads in RS was actually already deleted so most of my cels that you see here today are re-uploads so some of them have been in my possession for a much longer time than their "Upload Date" may lead one to believe. There's also several cels and sketches that haven't made it into my gallery but I hope to post again. I'm not sure what happened, whether life got in the way and I became out of touch with the hobby, anime, things I used to like. Am I going back into the hobby? I wouldn't say I left but I wouldn't say i'm the same collector as before. There are pieces in my gallery that I'd be willing to let go these days but still some things I don't think i'll ever let go. I guess this is just the new state of my hobbies now. I've been video gaming a lot lately (past year), but I consider that as just an addition to what I do, not a replacement to this wonderful world of collecting what we love. Maybe I will post up some of my older non-published acquisition, not much i haven't been collecting a lot. I can't even guarantee I'll post more to the blog or the forums or be active... But one thing has remained about how I feel and I'm feeling it right now, I miss collecting Saitou cels. I want a Saitou cel. Anybody got a Saitou cel from RK? Ah I must be definitely be waking up...
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Is RS not working?
last modified: Sunday, January 18, 2015 (6:18:33 PM CST)
Is it me or is RS not working again. Specifically I can't seem to upload anything and I've made sure to keep my file sizes small. *sigh* And here I am trying to be "good" and update.
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Old RS Backgrounds available
last modified: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 (6:57:09 PM CST)
Hi. Hope everyone had a good holiday season and isn't too cold.

Just thought I'd let everybody know that since I truly missed the old Rubberslug backgrounds that collectors shared (and I totally found very helpful so I'm grateful to them) I decided I would start to retrieve them and put them up in an alternate location that collectors easily go to and browse/use. There's roughly 100+ right now and I still have several hundred more to go. But just in case you do own these backgrounds and no longer want to share them please PM me or send RS feedback and I'll remove them. I have attached on the title the previous owners that RS logged so that everyone knows who uploaded/owned them at the time in RS.

Here's the link:
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See Saw
last modified: Sunday, December 02, 2012 (2:28:54 PM CST)
You know there's been several times I've thought of liquidating my collection since my personal circumstances has been changing quite a bit, for good or bad. I thought to myself maybe I'll sell my collection little by little and then thought to myself if only someone would buy it all in one go, then quitting would be easier. Actually I think I've added quite a bit of treasures to my collection lately and quite a few of them not online yet. I've been very happy with where this collection went but at times I do wonder what will I do with all of it and since I'm a bit honest with loved ones about my hobby... They all have their opinions and mostly not about how my hobby helps me but how it tends to hold me back. They think I should keep on focusing on what's real, not some weird fetish or collecting garbage. On one hand it is I suppose some sort of fetish, on one hand it is also studio garbage. But then you know... Some of my pretties I worked really hard for and I was really happy with them. In fact some of them I really thought I'd never ever own... Like for example one of my wishlist was artwork from Hanada Shonen-shi... Probably an obscure anime because it was never licensed and it was dropped by fansubbers twice. But there were a few shows that really mean a lot to me and this one was right up there with Rurouni Kenshin. I looked for artwork for 3 straight years starting in 2006 but saw nothing, so I gave up but would look once in a while but never daily. Now all of a sudden after 6-7 years I find it, sure it's a few doodles and not a lot or even that pretty. I wish it was that pretty because the anime won the Tokyo Anime festival back in it's heyday. But I'm happy to have it... Actually I cried when I remembered how wonderful that show was at that time in my life. But I don't think anyone will ever understand that. In fact I'm sure I'll be continously told to sell my collection. Well I would if I could and I can't if I had to always put my gallery up for sale and think about each individual piece and how much each meant. That's impossible. But as I said, maybe the process would be so much more easier and so much more simpler if I sold my entire collection in one go... But then again who would pay for my collection, it's a small fortune financially and don't even ask about what it's sentimental value is.... LOL. So I guess I get to keep it after all.
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Saitou cel ramblings mostly...
last modified: Thursday, April 21, 2011 (2:49:33 AM CST)
Ah I canít wait to work on my gallery again. I havenít had time to really update with my new acquisitions nor fix all the thumbnails or add my old artwork. I changed job twice the past year and itís only now that Iím getting some free time... Well not actually I wonít get time until mid-May which is sad. Everytime I look at my gallery all I can think of is, I got to work on it.

The good news is I do have some new artwork to post up and included in that is truly a holy grail cel that Iíve worked so hard to get for the past six months. I really canít wait to see it come in this May. Yes itís a Saitou cel but itís truly a keeper. Itís not on my wishlist because quite frankly I just didnít think it would ever come into my hands but don't be mistaken I have -dreamed- about this cel more than once. But through the help of some generous parties who located the cel, gave me some good trade value and negotiated a price scheme I can manage, the cel is just waiting for my very last payment. Had it been any other circumstance I donít think it wouldíve been possible, but somehow the stars aligned and I took the chance because it was once in a lifetime for me. I think youíll see what I mean once I post it up. Itís truly a gem!

Speaking of Saitou cels and generous people, I do have a Saitou cel coming in this week. Itís not so much a head turner (itís quite ordinary and maybe no one will understand my excitement for it) but itís a very special cel to me. I guess once I post up the description of that cel things will make a lot more sense. I just canít help but talk about these two cels as Iím so excited to get them. Itís been a long time since I felt this way about a purchase. So rest assured there is going to be a very long fangirl rambling along with it.

I also got a couple of sequence mates for some of the Saitou cels I own. I used to have a rule that due to the price of this character I would stay away from sequence mates but one of them was just bundled with something I wanted to buy. The other one was offered to me for sale by a friend and the other one was a much nicer sequence mate than what I had and for the price it was offered to me, I couldn't pass it up. Funny thing is each one of those sequence mates I still get a thrill from. I did ponder the consequences of getting them, after all they still cost a fair amount of money, plus I considered Sensei's paper wherein there seems to be some attrition needed to be made to the collecting community if the act of certain acquisitions are considered selfish. But really when I think about it, I and two of my friends are probably the only ones who really would want Saitou cels. Besides if others really wanted them I'm sure they would've gotten them before I did except maybe one which was directly offered to me. I don't know... I just love buying Saitou cels. It's truly like a drug to me... LOL.

Thatís not to say that my other purchases lately, havenít given me any joy. They have in fact and I look forward to uploading them but the scale is just too different compared to those two that I canít wait to put up. Iím always satisfied with anything Shinsengumi after all and all of them save for one was Shinsengumi related.

Which brings me to a final point. Iíve collected many artwork over the years (quite a few of them not uploaded anymore but I suppose I will upload them again soon), and I realize it might be time to do a massive culling of my collection from other series. Mostly to bring my collection to a lot more focus and to recuperate some cost. Theyíre probably better off with other owners who may well feel like I usually do when I get a nice RK, Saitou or Shinsengumi artwork in. Itís not that I donít like them anymore, in fact I plan to keep my favorites but I need to start really putting a wall up between what truly has moved me (and continues to do so) versus ones that only moved me during the time. I think all cel collectors get like that at various points, we all go
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I knew this was going to happen (LOL)
last modified: Sunday, November 21, 2010 (5:34:10 PM CST)

Being an RK and Shinsengumi lover (and by that rule Hakuouki fan), I was wondering what our Japanese friends would do with the two. The answer is fairly blasphemous, totally insane but blastedly funny and creative. :D
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last modified: Saturday, March 20, 2010 (7:47:41 PM CST)
Hi All,

I will be requesting my RS gallery to be deleted by the mods so I unlocked all of the artwork that is already uploaded here. One last hurrah. LOL. Sadly I've not been able to get some of my cels up and a bunch more sketches/settei up either. :( I'm not very organized and I guess it shows. I've never been very comfortable in how I presented this gallery, comments, pictures, scans, organization, etc. etc. So it's best I just take it down for now. I do plan to create a gallery on RS again but I can't foresee it happening until after summer or maybe even as far off as next year. I just can't dedicate the time sadly and if I force it, it'll just have the same results. Sure I'll miss having an online gallery and will miss the hits (over 25K now.... Geez how many years will that take again?) and I'll certainly miss the "popular items" feature too. But I just don't feel like I gave it the attention it deserves, at least for the most part. It also doesn't help that I messed up some coding that unfortunately I can't fix on my end. ^_^***

Oh and I put this message up here too for those who recently bought from my offer period a couple of weeks ago. I've sent all the cels out (at least for ones where the deal is complete). So if you don't see my gallery anymore, don't worry I'm still available on the same email. I'm not running out on you. ^_~

It was fun. Hopefully life gets a little slower -soon- and I can pay attention again.

Regards to everyone.

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last modified: Saturday, February 27, 2010 (12:05:05 PM CST)
It's amazing what one little email inquiry sets off. I've been a restless collector lately and so was trying my luck contacting sources I've bought from in the past. Typically the past two years when I did this I don't really get anywhere, initially I did but you know how it is, sources dry up. It's the nature of collecting unique artwork. But eventhough I've not been that succesful, once in a while I do get something very good out of it. It's kind of like a job hunt out of the 20 applications you send in, only one gets you a phone screening and if you're lucky they might ask you to interview. I still believe cel collecting is a game of numbers, the number of times you look in the usual places, the number of emails you send out to old acquaintances or to prospects and of course the final deciding factor, the price (or maybe even how sellers perceive that you really love a certain series or at the very least, that character from the series). I'm going a little off topic here but with regards to selling, when I sell something myself, all things being equal I would readily sell to someone who I know loves the series or character as much as I do. I don't tell the buyer this but since I do pay attention to other collectors who collects similar things, if I visited and enjoyed their gallery quite a bit, if that person came up as one of the buyers (most things being equal) there's more motivation for me to sell to this person. I might not even wait for the highest offer because it makes me feel good to know that my cels are going to someone who potentially will love it more than I do. Besides its my own way of discretely showing appreciation for their own collection. On the flip side I would much rather sell a cel to a stranger or blackhole collector, even at a lower price if I don't have much respect for the behavior of a potential buyer even if they did have a great collection or seem to like collecting the same things. I'm sure this sounds rather unfair to some but like it or not personal preferences come into play when you're dealing with something you are quite attached to. Most of the time however, I don't have to deal with making these types of comparisons, either because the offer difference is large enough or my collection doesn't really garner a lot of attention that I'd have this kind of situation happen all that often... But anyway back to the topic... Yes I've sent one email for any one cel... That one cel turned to two.. then to three and then six... I'm sure you get the idea. Oh such a long drought for me but it does make things taste so much more sweeter... That is when I'm not complaining. LOL.
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Shut up.
last modified: Saturday, January 16, 2010 (10:24:09 PM CST)
Honestly... I don't visit the communities as much anymore and really when I do there's always something to roll my eyes over at. It seems to get worse as each year passes. I still remember a friend telling me that the cel community isn't really a friendly nor happy group of people (which I took with a grain of salt, see for yourself philosophy) and yeah when I look back at some of the "public" history in animaga and AB, I can't deny that. There's just so many drama king and queens and "experts" everywhere. It's a huge turn off even for someone like me who don't really come around to be part of the community anymore. Before I used to visit with excitement and eagerness, now I dread coming just coz I know there's probably some new dumb sh*t I have to see again. I wish everyone would just get over themselves (and shut up). Of course I'm sure there's some out there who would passionately defend their position or even the community, even probably reply here... *shrugs* The best answer anyone can give is to act like -decent- human beings (stop being rude and stop being so sensitive). Now I will stop talking and let people get on with the drama that they love so much... Probably much more than their cels. And yes I'll shut up too since I am well aware of the irony.
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It's an odd thing...
last modified: Thursday, November 19, 2009 (8:09:47 PM CST)
It's been over 3 years since I started collecting. I didn't even notice my anniversary came to pass already... LOL. Not because of lack of interest in collecting but that collecting has become a very "personal" thing for me. I don't think of what the community nor what the outside world is doing anymore and it gives an odd sense of freedom and clarity. I'm not saying I've become a blackhole nor a hermit, I just don't feel it's necessary to be involved for me to be able to enjoy the hobby. Oh once in a blue moon I'll post or something and for the most part I reply to fellow collectors who send me messages... but that's about it and I'm more happy with what I'm doing (or not doing) now. I must admit, it's tempting to follow the latest trend or be influenced by what the rest of the community thinks but in my case, it's best I just collect for the sake of collecting. I'm not saying a community is a bad thing, actually I've had a good experience overall but I've been happier being a loner than being "actively" involved. For the most part perhaps the best thing I've learned about this collecting journey is to collect for yourself and think about what you truly desire. Sometimes when faced with many choices and opinions and trying to make informed decisions, too much information is simply just that... Too much information. I think everyone's mileage my vary and perhaps it really depends on what a person's end purposes are. My purpose is one thing only and it may sound rather selfish or arrogant or ignorant... But it's not to build friendships, connections, investments, popularity, control, influence, nor even authority and connoisseurship... It's very odd but I just don't care about those things in relation to my collecting activity. I think they'll exist if they are truly meant to exist... What I -do- care about is having a collection that has deep personal meaning, where each piece is there because I -wanted- it to be there. Do I need to be an active part of the community to do such things? Personal experience tells me it's really not necessary, although it probably helps to have a circle of connections and collectors to gain a slight advantage depending on what one collects. But for my purposes I've not needed that but I've made unlikely connections and friends along the way whom I am thankful for. Luck I guess plays a part. But it's only by being alone do I truly realize what I want out of this hobby. Odd I know.
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New way of doing things...
last modified: Monday, March 23, 2009 (9:58:37 AM CST)
Well I got a new scanner. My old canon one is still working but the hinge broke off... It's really not a big deal but the office depot in my neighborhood went under and they had a close-out sale. I really like this new scanner it's a canoscan lide 200, apparently it's more "green". It's very small and thin but my most favorite feature (aside form the improved hinge) is that it doesn't use an AC adapter. It gets it from the USB! I know I know... That's not such a huge deal either but to me who's always running out of place to plug things, this is a very welcome change. I still have to fine-tune the colors however since I'm not exactly happy yet with the gamma but that just goes with any new scanners. It took me a while to get my older scanner up to speed. LOL.

Well with the new scanner, I thought I'd try something a little different in my gallery. As usual I'm never content with how my cels are presented... I contantly swing from them wanting to be all pretty and them being "cel-like". Well I think I found a compromise! Lookie here and click one of the robots. It's probably going to involve more work but I've been wanting to rescan my cels without bgs anyway plus it's time to examine how they're holding up fading wise (not that there's much I can do about that). Anyway, most of the cels are hidden from now until I can get them all updated like that. ^__^
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last modified: Sunday, March 01, 2009 (3:04:40 PM CST)
Geez you know... There's overpriced and then there's unreasonable...

I'm so glad I have no burning need for any of the RK cels on auction right now on yahoo. I know my eyes popped out of their sockets once I saw all those Kenshin and Sano cels come up last time. Sure my eyes popped out again this morning after seeing all those juppongatana cels. I was ready to bid on several actually and then I had to do a double take and go WTF??? None of the stupid prices are even reasonable for the quality of the shots, well -maybe- that one Kamatari cel is the best bargain of them all... It's still overpriced (at least not unreasonable).

Anyway it doesn't look to me like the person selling is completely devoid of knowledge of RK, in fact the way they priced each character relative to each other kind of makes sense. Soujiro is more expensive than kamatari, juppongatana cels are more expensive than regular kenshin cels and feng shui cels are typically cheaper than most. So I'm a bit aghast at the starting prices. I don't usually complain about prices but when I see something like this it kind of sickens me, at least I don't know the seller and it's not like I know if they are fellow collectors. I guess one can say, I expect more reasonable prices amongst collectors especially if it's a series they are intimate with. It's not because I expect some form of "comaraderie" but just that fellow collectors I think kind of knows the market or tries to get to know it when selling soemthing. If it's a collector that I think has overpriced their cels a bit, then I can go say there's probably an intrinsic value in the cel (mostly sentimental) that I am not privee to. For the price of that Soujirou cel on auction, 10K, I could've gotten some of my dream cels and I do mean -dream- ones but of course there's no way I'm paying even that overpriced but reasonable offer to me (compared to the plethora of unreasonable yahoo rk auctions right now), now with the economy as it is. Or maybe I'm just a really cheap bastard and/or a poor one.

Goodness I am -so- glad I've almost quenched my thirst for most of the rk secondary characters and am so glad my sights aren't as high either. I used to pay no mind to collectors complaining dealer prices are high. I really don't care about overpriced cels anyway, I'm not buying it if I think it's overpriced... But sometimes, certain things are just downright ridiculous and almost insulting... I'm going to wait to see who would pay those prices, maybe I'm wrong and someone out there -will-. If they can then goodness I would probably be jealous that someone can spend money like that, that they really value a cel that highly (and I'm not being sarcastic here, I really would be glad they have the means to even pursue what I think are unreasonable prices - note that I use unreasonable and NOT overpriced, since there is a difference). Maybe the prices would go down and I might take a look at these cels again but probably not since I'm still saving for a couple more important cels to me.

Kizu out... Goodluck to people who would like to pursue these.
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Favorite colors
last modified: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 (10:47:05 PM CST)
My gallery was way overdue for a face lift. I liked the dark and rich green tones and that went well for some of my cels from the 70s. But my eyes were getting a little fatigued with the color and so I figured a nice fresh and clean look will be better this time. Also I kind of wanted to give a little tribute to one of my most favorite anime series so I asked my friend, more liked commanded really, that a new banner be made for my gallery. LOL... She's so sweet I think putting up with my obnoxiousness sometimes. hehehe.

Anyway I've always liked the color baby blue... or sky blue if you like to call it that. The Shinsengumi wore a uniform that was colored "Asagiroo" and this meant the color was either light blue or a pale yellow. There's one photo that exist that shows the uniform unfortunately since it's black and white, one can't really tell what color it was, although on Nakajima Nobori's picture his uniform definitely had the triangular mountain on the sleeves. The uniform was said to be thought up by Serizawa Kamo, but some people say it's Hijikata... Who knows... Either the uniform was thought to be a tribute to the 47 ronins ( or Chushingura and was said to be rather "flashy" and today's majority is saying the asagiroo color of the Shinsengumi uniform was bluish. So that's why I gravitate to this color.

My favorite color is actually green the dark green my gallery sported before... I also like gold and amber mostly because of Saitou and even Battousai's eyes. I've always like royal blue and purple because of the shades of Saitou's uniform. I also like pale yellow and sky blue because it reminds me of the Shinsengumi. My most favorite color however is the colors of the ocean, when I used to go boating I often saw the water turn many different shades of blue and green and it was so pretty!

Hmmm... This was a totally useless post wasn't it? LOL... Someone sell me a Saitou cel... Better yet, sell me a Saitou cel where's he's all nekked and sun bathing under a clear blue sky by the blue blue green, aquamarine ocean, complete with sunglasses please... *Kizu drowns in a puddle of drool*
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Looking for a storage solution
last modified: Saturday, February 21, 2009 (2:10:44 PM CST)
Alright... I'm quite happy storing my cels on toploaders/sideloaders... The only problem now is that I can't store them like I used to vertically like I would when using scrapbooks or itoya portfolios T__T

Anyway so I'm thinking of a flat file storage solution but I don't really want a flat file cabinet because it is so immobile aside from expensive! I don't really have that much room either... I was thinking of these SAFCO drawing portfolios... The 32x24 one seems to be a good sized for a 4 way partition (my toploaders are 12x14.5 and 10x12.75

Has anyone ever used them? Anyone have any thoughts? They're large and stackable and mobile. Not that I plan to move my stuff around so much...

Oh and I found out that the 9x12 celbooks I couldn't use before are perfect for some sketches (not the very rough ones however those seem to be printed on non-standard size). I'm happy about that however since now I look at my sketches more often.

Ehhh... This storage stuff is hard. >.<
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Yay!!!!! It's finally over!!!
last modified: Saturday, December 13, 2008 (4:20:49 PM CST)









Yep... Two years... I'd waited for it for TWO LONG YEARS!
It's absolutely breath-taking!


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Storage and waiting
last modified: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 (11:58:43 PM CST)
Well I had a visitor so I was distracted and didn't blog. Lately I've found a different way to archive my cels! I'm now using top loaders for really special ones. I'm a hands on kind of person and I felt that celbooks were probably harming my cels more than them being in a top loader and being looked at... So yeah I ordered around 50 top loaders for my favorite ones. Actually it's kind of cool to be able to touch your cel that way. The ones without a sketch was really even better because they were see through. I have a weird thing about the paints at the back, I like to look at them. How messy they are! LOL. I also re-bagged all my cels and moved some of my sketches to unused itoya books. In total I used up all 500 bags and probably need 100 more. >.< But I'm happy (I think) at the outcome. With all these re-archiving, it really made me think about which pieces I like the best, naturally they are the ones that got the extra special treatment. It also made me think about how it's important to streamline my collection. I mean it's true I don't love all my cels equally,there are some series/characters I love more than the rest. And when you're talking about spending lots of money keeping them safe and clean, well then one doesn't really have a choice but to move carefully going forwards.

This reminds me, it's been a while since I updated. I'm missing it. Lately I've been very picky as to what I buy which I think is a really good thing! My dream cels are still out of reach but eventually I'll find a way. LOL. Which brings me to my next topic... I am anxiously waiting for a dream cel to arrive. I've paid for it I think two weeks ago so I'm really hoping to see it soon. You know how it is when you just really can't wait to see something special in person. It's something that I've had my heart set on for a couple of years so.... And it's special because it's filling a very important part of my collection. It's something that if I stopped collecting now, I can say that my collection has outdone my expectations (at least for that part of my gallery). I can finally stop whining about not having "it". LOL. Sorry I'm being all mysterious here but surely those who follow my collection knows that it's missing something vitally important. Besides I gave up going to vacation just for this very very special cel so I wish I could share it soon. I really do wish that. *crosses fingers*
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Would you give it up?
last modified: Friday, November 07, 2008 (1:36:49 AM CST)
I just got the biggest opportunity in my cel collecting lifetime (or at least I think of it that way LOL)... Some of my biggest dream cels has been offered to me... I think I fell over the first time I heard... LOL... I'm still falling over actually. The problem is of course moolah... You know the thing that gets you stuff. :P

Of course if I save for half a year I can probably afford it... However that would make me feel a bit guilty... And the only way to assuage the guilt is to... you know... Sell stuff, those books you don't need, your prized figures, your dvds, your gadgets, your anime stuff, your current cel collection *gasp* (well maybe a good part of it). There is no doubt in my mind that I would be happy owning these group of dream cels. NO DOUBT. I have often wondered what it will take to get my hands on my dream cels... And now I know (which is both a curse and a blessing)... But would you do it if it meant selling a majority of your collection and then some? Would you also do it knowing you probably won't be buying anything else for a long period of time? Would you do it in this type of economy? Would you do it knowing you're probably the only one who would dare to pay the price?

Nothing is impossible... Just because we can doesn't mean we should... I'm torn but my heart is clear, my head is not. LOL.
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It's my anniversary! Yeah!
last modified: Thursday, September 11, 2008 (10:00:12 PM CST)
It's my second year anniversary and I still have no idea how to do my gallery. Go figure!

Well aside from the debacle that I always seem to have with how to present my collection, I must say that collecting itself has gone pretty well. The story has been you lose some and you win some. I don't have any "lucky" stories to tell, no artwork won or found easily, although once in a while I do get a freebie from a well meaning collector/seller or an e-mail telling me where to find what. I guess the closest thing that I had in terms of "luck", is how I've never really had a deal gone sour or any major shipping accidents. I'm really thankful for that. For anyone who knows me, this is really something because I am a bit of a risk taker. To me having risk is just a natural part of going after a treasured artwork. It's a treasure so you risk your wallet, your time and sometimes your sanity. Nowadays I keep mostly to myself, don't really have that much time anymore to chat with anyone on a consistent basis or keep abreast on the trends, what's hot and what's not. However by doing that I do feel that I'm very much in tune to what I like to collect and so am not bothered with how the outside world is doing or what it's doing. No need to catch up so to speak. What is it that I like most about this collecting activity? I feel like it's probably the most purest form of appreciation, on par or maybe better than watching a beloved show the 'nth time.

In the two years, I've been blessed to get a lot of my wish cels and even some dream cels. I've managed to keep up with my collecting while at the same time still fulfilling my financial obligations and rough times with regards to my career. I think that's a great thing because I started this hobby in response to some tumultous events happening in my life and it's been a gauge of how confident I feel with regards to my livelihood. Collecting was my way of going on with my life even if things were downright ugly in RL. I guess I still feel confident since my collection hasn't taken a beating... By "beating", I mean like panic selling or something. I'm so proud that my collection has remained largely intact and I intend to keep it that way.

I don't think my collection will ever have the "museum" or "gallery" feel to it ever. I can't take an objective/analytic/scientific approach to it since It's only guided by my passion and to a point, by what they call "purposeful buying". If my collection keeps it's value in the long haul then that's great, if not then that's fine since it's value to me is rather intrinsic, a reminder of moving on, a reminder of things that I like, that exhilirating feeling when you open that package the first time and that humbling feeling everytime you look at that piece in your gallery. Oh yeah to celebrate my two year anniversary I even insured my collection. I can sleep well at night thinking all is well, that ends well be it cel collecting or my life.

Today I updated with a few things, I was hoping I'd have them in hand by my anniversary but alas! Looks like it'll take a few more days before they reach my hands. Two are wishlist items and two are really nice items, all of which are part of my permanent collection. Now someone find me a Saitou cel... ^_^
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Looking back...
last modified: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 (10:39:50 PM CST)
Well if anyone noticed I am trying to rebuild/re-upload my gallery again on Rubberslug. ^__^
In September my gallery will be 2 years old! Yay!

Anyway as I was looking through my collection, I noticed how much my RK collection has grown and I'm very pleased with it! My other love Robot Romance Trilogy by Tadao sensei has grown too but there's a difference with regards to collecting that versus RK. In the past two years I have relied heavily on a few trusted dealers to increase my Tadao Nagahama collection... Of course I scoured auction sites too. That went well enough. I'm glad to see that there are a couple of gallery that actually has Daimos on RS now! I hope they update more so I can see what lovelies are out there! Yay!

Anyway unlike RRT, my Rurouni Kenshin section has been built mostly by private deals and a few auctions. Everyone knows by now I think that I absolutely SUCK at auctions so I end up looking for RK cels a little differently than I do the others. Most of my RK cels came from other RS members or people they know and I wanna thank them here. I really would not have been able to be so pleased with that section of my gallery without quite a few of you! So I'll thank those who has sold or traded an RK cel to me in the past... YAY!!! This gallery would not be possible without you!

In no particular order... And I think I got everyone covered, gomen if I don't!

Miss Morgan
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Need your help! Not on cels!
last modified: Friday, June 20, 2008 (1:42:07 AM CST)
Ms. Tejada is an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Canada. After working there for years under Canada's Live-in Caregiver Program which grants her permanent residency in Canada, she recently found out that she had stage 4 lung cancer (like my uncle who died recently). She is being deported on August 8 due to a medical officer stressing that she is a burden to Canada's healthcare system. Many Filipinos go to other countries legally to work to provide better lives for their families. My father did so ever since I was born and I am doing the same at this time in the USA and so are a lot of my friends and family spread all over the world which is why this case caught my eye.

For more info you can also read this article

Please help support Ms. Tejada's wish to live and die in Canada and to allow her family to be with her and get a better life by first reading her full story and then by signing this petition . Thank you very much.
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Goodbye my pretties!
last modified: Monday, June 09, 2008 (8:46:13 PM CST)
Soon I'm going to have another landmark piece for my collection... A piece that I -must- have in order to be "content" with my collection... But you know as I wrap up the pieces of cels that have kept me company in the past few years (some are just months really), I feel a tinge of sadness and maybe even guilt. LOL... There's this tiny voice telling me, BAD CARE-TAKER! Now that there's something MORE shiney, you're just willing to THROW us away to some STRANGER!

A long time ago I traded a couple of high-end cels that never even made it into my gallery for wishlist cels. Eventhough I really liked those cels, the mere fact that they were never displayed kind of made parting with them a little easier. Of course I don't for one moment regret trading those cels away, they are obviously in the hands of a more appreciative collector than I... And the cels I got out of those transactions are absolutely ADORED by me...

Anyway here we go again... A good number of my cels are going back to Japan while I eventually (hopefully within this month) will have a permanent piece in my collection. ^__^ I went through a lot of trouble acquiring this piece really, money, e-mails, cels in exchange... You name it.. I DID IT! Sometimes I wonder what kind of "bending over" other collectors do for their "must haves", their "dream cels"... Which was really my point in this post... I wanted to ask what you did for that one piece you absolutely love.

Once this piece and another one come in this July... I think I will spiffy up this gallery a little. I know it's bare but I've been wanting simple stuff lately. In the meantime my fingers are crossed that nothing dumb (aka shipping/accidents) happen. I hope I didn't jinx myself by posting this... LOL.
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Hand Me Downs
last modified: Friday, February 01, 2008 (3:31:33 PM CST)
I was browsing through some musings in one of the forums, twice now I've seen people mention about how nowadays collectors seems to be more excited when there's newer artwork to be had. You know what? I think that's really natural... I get excited too. However usually this is followed by a mention of how others tend to not get excited over artwork that is already in someone's gallery for everyone to see. Now that one I completely don't get. Why would artwork not be valued the same or at least elicit the same appreciation just because it's in public? I was discussing this with a friend because I totally do not get this... Why? Because almost all my most treasured cels I got from collectors who showed it in their gallery and I think most of the time I offered decently to get them, otherwise I wouldn't have them right? I really think it depends on the cel... I'm sure I'm not the only one who's gone to a gallery and admired a piece for years wishing it was mine. Telling myself, if she/he ever sells I'll be throwing a bid in... Either that or I just jump the gun and make the best offer I can at that moment.

The reason for this post is, soon I will be posting a cel that has haunted me early on when I started cel collecting. It's not new, everyone who has bothered to look would've seen it already but it is very special to me. The amount of effort and persistence and money I put into acquiring that cel, modesty aside, is nothing short of astounding that I surprise even myself. Not to lift my own bench, but I think it's a great cel with great lines (not cel lines, dialogue), of course if I follow the "hand me down" theory then I guess it's not a great cel after all. Oh and I don't mean to criticize the one who pointed this out, it is after all just an observation of theirs of the community. Although if it's true then I guess I have to ask myself, is it worth it to show something people's seen before? :( Oh well, I know what's important is that -I- love it.
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It's been a while!
last modified: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 (1:02:13 AM CST)
Ah well I was playing around with my other website too much and I guess I kind of broke some things... LOL. Lucky for my RS gallery tho, my second major RK update hit it first. I think this update was more of a quantity update, although I must say that most of the cels are pretty. Well that's coming from me and you can never trust what -I- say about -my- cels. LOL! Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed my updates. It was hard passing up cel after cel after cel that came up on auction for RK since November when I started updating and paying stuff off, but I'm happy with how things turned out from then till now. To the people who e-mailed me, I appreciate you taking the time to look and let me know. Anyway, I'm afraid I only have one major RK wishlist coming hopefully in a week or two and maybe a new series to add *grin*. Trust me my wishlist cel has quite a story behind it that I'm sure to tell to any who will listen! After that I'm afraid it will be quite dry, unless I stumble on something that moves me to move my wallet. How hard can that be? *laughs nervously* Oh I do have a box in Japan but that will be a while before I request shipping.

Anyway I've been contemplating opening my gallery fully again in RS and off-RS. But I don't really know, I seem to swing from one end to another, guess I'm just moody. LOL. I'll figure it out later, or have someone else figure it out for me. LOL. Till I figure it out, I hope you'll bear with my poor site management and update skills. *scratches head* Ah well enough of my blathering. Oh and aside from RK, I got a very nice Erika cel from Daimos and Voltes cel. :) Yes I know... Nobody knows about them and the series is obscure in the USA, but I still love them no matter what.
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Your cels are my cels... *grin*
last modified: Monday, October 22, 2007 (2:48:32 AM CST)
Long time no blog or has it? Hehe. I thought I'd give people an update on how my collection is going. Yes I know I only post my newest acquisitions then hide it later when they're not new. Since I've been asked where the rest are, I got my own website you know so that's where I keep them public. I figured, many people already have much nicer cels of the more popular series so I'll just display the closest series to my heart (which happens to be a no-name) here so that they get the proper attention (in my imagination at least) and update when I get new cels in from other series. Ah well... Don't forget to check out my Voltes V and Daimos cels. They are LOVE! ROFL!

Anyway I finally got my hands of some Get Backers artwork! It's still up if you want to see it (otherwise you have to go to my slow as molasses website). X-D I even made a color one of ban from the douga! Took me forever. LOL. Now I just really want an Akabane, the sketches I got didn't have him. *cry* But I did get some nice sketches though! And there are some copy layouts that I plan to put up -someday-.

The year is coming to an end... It's almost November! But I think I can squeeze in some Rurouni Kenshin updates. I just bought a Saitou cel from Remi... Yeah the one that's been on hold FOREVER! Woo hoo! I am so happy! Hopefully he comes soon and I can bore you all with my long comments on him. I've always wanted a bridge cel and it's the nicest looking one I've seen yet... Finally it's coming and it's a beauty I tell ya! How many times have I made that image an icon... *falls over laughing*

Fine I'll stop talking about the old geezer... What else? Hmmm I'm paying off a rather large RK purchase too. This time it will probably be more on the quantity side, although I must say they are all beautiful. I won't spoil it but I can say sometime at the end of November I'll have something to show. I'm just too excited so I'm mentioning it. I can't help it you know. I got to stay excited about it (got to finish paying for it)! There are at least 4 wishlist cels in that. None of Mibu wolf though, well not exactly (LOL)... don't know though if I'll have them all in November since there is supposed to be two shipments. Maybe I shouldn't even talk about them, after all I'm still paying it off. BAD KIZU!

That said, there's not much else in between. I never got an answer for a Soujirou that I've been eyeing so I guess that's a goner. Hopefully something in my price range comes up someday. I've also been after another Saitou for over a year... And I am not kidding... I finally located the owner and after a month of negotiation or rather waiting, it fell through. At least I got a promise out of the person. So I am hopeful... I'm not a very patient person but this hobby is teaching me that (quite harshly I might add). Well you know you lose some you win some. Someday I hope to win again. Hehehe! Hopefully in time before New Years. I want to update with him in it coz you know it's my favorite characters birthday or at least Watsuki says so. ^__^ Oh geez I've gone back to talking about him! BAD KIZU!

Moving on...

My friend also got a wishlist. I'm so happy for her. We spent hours shrieking on the phone when she got her answer. And I sang the following song...

"Your cels are my cels... My cels is my cels... From blah blah blah blah to the Japanese Islands... From Atlanta to Chi--caaaa--go... Your cels are meant to be with me."

Okay... I should stop now... I admit that was kind of cheesy! I think it's getting late... I have work tomorrow!

*smile people* and happy hunting!
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Passing Time w/o Cels. LOL.
last modified: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 (7:04:29 PM CST)
Well it's been really dry for me in the cel front, at least for the things I -really- want. So I made a couple of AMV's that aren't Shinsengumi! Ummmm yeah I know most probably don't know my favorite anime so it's all the more reason to make an AMV right? Right........ *laughs*

Okay so the vids aren't that great, the source were very old after all. Plus I'm not so good in making them. LOL. But I do love making them when I have the time and half a brain. The first one is from choudenji Machine Voltes V, the main antagonist Prince Heinell and his ummm I guess better half, Katherine. I've only seen one cel of Katherine since I started collecting and I really want a cel of her. Bah! I should've ponied up the money... *sigh* Anyway there's spoilers but not the most important one. LOL.

And the second one is from Daimos, I think i made this a month ago. Ehehehe... Yeah I know I'm hopeless. Oh well. ROFL.... I actually had to beg my dad to find me the english version of this show which is on vcd because as you can see the video source for this is even worse. *sigh* Oh well I hope you enjoy them.
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What a great first year!
last modified: Sunday, August 26, 2007 (12:47:34 AM CST)
Today my wonderful computer just took a nose-dive, with my help of course! All my scans and other otaku stuff disappeared but I must say that my PC is now running in tip top shape without all the other junk in it.

Well I was looking at my cels on the blackberry since I'm a big fan of my cels and the PC was broke for half the day. I am their #1 fan! I think you know the feeling. LOL. And I thought to myself, just a couple of weeks it will be my 1st year anniversary as a cel collector. Isn't that nifty?

A lot of other people has been in the hobby for much longer than I. I think that's very cool. I also wonder how they managed to acquire such great collections and how they continue to fuel the drive to collect or rather what fuels it. I can only imagine how it must've been during the hay days, 5-10 years ago. Reading the old posts at there seems to have been a lot of activity and excitement. I wish I was around those times. LOL... Not that I'm not happy with how it is right now, actually I think this is one of the best times for me to collect. I'm really happy with what I've acquired so far, as long as I don't go tell my parents what I've managed to spend on plastic all will be well and good. *smirk*

A few days ago I managed to get another wishlist cel and I'm hoping it will get to my selfish little hands this coming week. How many times have I checked the tracking number is a bit embarassing. Oh all of you must be so tired of hearing me go "WHEE!!!" on that old geezer but I can't help it. It is I guess one of the biggest reasons why I'm still here collecting. There will always be that one special character you know? I think we all have it... And yet I also think even if we have a special something we collect, we all have other interest so that's why we end up getting a little something of for that "misc" section. I don't like using the word "misc" really, which is why you won't find it as a section in my gallery. If you paid for something that is outside of your main collection, it must be pretty special too. It's really funny because I just realized that every single little cel I have whether it be in my main collection or not, seems to have a little story behind it. All of them -good-. If that doesn't bring a smile to my face then perhaps one can call me heartless. THANKFULLY NOT!

I like going around RS and just browsing galleries. There are many things to see. Sometimes I wonder if anyone bothers to look at my gallery too, but maybe some do, all those hits can't possibly be just me obssessively clicking on my own cels. ROFL....

Anyway, it's been a great year so far and I'm probably celebrating too early! But what a year it has been... I've met so many people who's helped me build a collection and I've tried to give back but sadly the receiving has been more than the giving. *sweatdrop* Aren't I lucky? ROFL...

Which reminds me I just put up a new series from a favorite director, Satoshi Kon! The cels up right now is a gift from my friend. See what I mean?

There are a few things in the horizon that I am hoping for. Hopefully they materialize to cap off a great year! Thanks all!
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Bad collector!
last modified: Sunday, July 29, 2007 (2:34:55 PM CST)
I'm a bad collector. *sigh* When I got into the hobby back in September I think, I only had in mind to collect RK, Macross and my Robot Trilogy. The problem with this was the first two was expensive (thus my macross collection is so dismal) and eventhough Tadao's Trilogy is good to my pocket, they aren't plentiful and the cels do show their 30 year age. So I... Experimented with a few favorites, ones that I have very fond memories of, like Astro, FOR, YYH and Trigun... I also had "kept in mind" FY and MKR (that's more recent tho) since I have very fond memories of those too. And since I was having a ball with Hajime no Ippo and YUA, heck and they were plentiful it was fun to ummm buy buy buy. *sweatdrop*

*sigh* The the collecting bug hit me big time, that I had to get a cel of each character of each show I had. Litterally I would feel uneasy when I did not update a series... Now that was weird..... Thankfully enough that died down a little but in my mind I still think, I'd like to get a "few" nice cels of each show I really liked. Problem is... I like many shows and I do mean -many-, I always used to watch shows on the top 100 to 200 list on Boo.... of course a lot of them was CG so that helps!!!

Also my friend says I've gone pickier now, which probably explains my recent flurry of ebay activity and I've started to take down cels which I plan to let go of. What I really wanted to do was let go of entire series, I've had partial success with that and a mistake or two... In each of the series I've bought (and still have) from there are some cels that I just can't pry off my dead hands. Of course the bug still is there as I've just recently bought a VHD cel, because I really loved the artwork and after watching the movie I just had to get a cel from it.

I'm not in any way in trouble financially, but I am the type of person who spends hours and hours deciding what to buy in the mall, pick it up, go around an hour and put it back. So this type of "cel activity" bothers me. People keep saying buy what you love and I do that religiously... I think that's too general of an advice and isn't working for me I guess. I've made a list of everything I'd like to get including prices I'm willing to pay... But in the back of my mind, I still wonder what really works? Some say it's much better to focus on a few series but are people really happy with that? Because as far as I go, i've learned although I love my robot shows and RK, I wasn't totally happy keeping to just those (sometimes I even got bored!) although hunting for a few is more efficient. And yet I hate to see a series with only one or two cels either, and since you can't dedicate as much time hunting for many different series, it's not an efficient way to collect either. I mean the good cels take some work to find and just to keep up with the "market" can make one's head spin.

One can also ask before buying, will I ever sell this cel in the future? Realistically yes, for a better cel or for really important matters. The goal of a collector I think is to get better cels and the responsibility of a person is to know when something is more important than what they do for a hobby.

Oh boy... I'm hopeless as a collector... I'm sure many of you have gone through many stages and maybe even the same dilemma as above. What solution or middle ground did you find that kept you happy?
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Peek a booooo!!!
last modified: Sunday, July 22, 2007 (1:21:04 AM CST)
You know it's really none of my business what people do with their cels... I know this but there is a nagging question in the back of my mind that I thought would just die but hasn't yet so I guess I should go ahead and ask. For those who keep an online gallery, which in essence is available to the "public", why hide certain cels like those rare, expensive or just plain beautiful ones? I think I can understand the blackhole collector, I mean them I don't even expect to see anything of theirs and that's fine because it is "blackhole". However it seems highly contradictory for someone who does have an online gallery and yet choses to hide what they or others would consider a great or valuable cel. I do remember reading that some precious stone collectors only show their best pieces in their gallery which were -never- for sale, while the lesser ones in quality they do not display but do sell. I was thinking something similar would be at work with regards to cel collectors but it seems quite the opposite? There has been some old post in the various cel communities about wanting not to receive "non-serious" offers which is why this occurs but I don't know... I can't really believe collectors receive so much ridiculous offers that it's enough to drive one insane or to drive them to hide things from their gallery. I also heard about the competition factor, that it raises prices up etc. etc. but in my experience, I've actually saved *cough I'm using that term loosely* money because it's so obvious what I collect. I get so much help from other collectors both Japanese and others in the cel community. So that reason doesn't really make sense to me neither. Of course I'm talking only about non-Japanese here since I do kind of understand why the Japanese hide their cels... But for a non-Japanese, in a non-Japanese cel community it's weird, albeit fascinating or perhaps I'm just begging the question. Ah well... I can think of an answer but it's not very pretty and I'd rather things be pretty. LOL.
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Stumped about a wishlist...
last modified: Sunday, July 15, 2007 (1:55:42 AM CST)
I think I'm going to have a heart attack. On one hand I absolutely must have this cel on another... It's not really practical to "have" it, but heck who said cel collecting was practical? Okay the problem is if I do this, I'm breaking my price barrier and to be quite honest anytime I approach this barrier I know that it's good sense to back away from buying or trading or whatever... This also probably explains why I always lose on auctions... Usually there are no cels that really makes me want to ever break this pact but I also know that I will never ever ever have another chance with this particular cel or seller ever again. I have tried many times and finally they said yes but with steep consequences. Oh don't get me wrong, I can afford this cel... It's just that I think even if you can afford it, should you really buy it or trade for it? I've been trying to get this wishlist for such a long time, a year to be exact, it is so embarassing for me already. LOL. what do I do? Do I make an exception this time? Do I walk away, when it's so obvious I will regret it? I'm not really sure why I'm so torn about it... It's a cel that is an absolute must for my collection. You know there are some cels that you have second chances with, this one I do not... what do I do? I'm sure some of you have had this same dilemma before... Throw me a bone please.
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Patience... right..............
last modified: Thursday, May 17, 2007 (2:26:42 AM CST)
Well boo. My site is done but I'm still waiting for three wishlist items to come. I know some of you already know one of them with that frenzied post I made on beta. LOL. I'm just so thankful to Nene for making it easy. Hopefully that cel comes in this week.

I also managed to snag a very important cel to me, like ummm VERY HIGH on my wishlist from one of the Japanese collectors. I deemed it even more higher than getting a gatotsu stance of Saitou (which I still need btw! so ummm anyone who has one contact me please!). Anyway, it ummm cost me more than a kidney I think but ah... It was so WORTH it. I really want to see it but since it's not yet here and I am itching to get it. I might as well talk about it to keep me sane in the meantime. Hahahaha... You know how a cel just has a huge sentimental value to you and that you'd trade some of your most cherished cels just to get -the- cel? Did anyone ever have that experience? Well I'm sure someone has... I'm still of course lamenting the cels I let go off but there are some things that just comes around once or rather you can just convince a person once, especially since my money won't talk. *sigh* Dumb money. LOL... But it's okay, the deal is done now, let's hope it doesn't fall into the Pacific or something. Or I might have to follow suit. LOL.

And finally the last cel I am waiting for is an uber sexy cel of you know who... Well probably not as sexy as it is "blasphemous". But it seems I'm running into a snag where my payment apparently has not reached it's destination yet. I'm not sure what's up with the tracking too as it still shows left San Francisco but is not showing it arrived in Japan and it's been over a week so now I'm REALLY WORRIED since a similar mail was sent out that day and the other party has already gotten it. :(

I've been running into a lot of snags lately cel-wise. I'm not really sure what's up with that. I mean three snags on three wishlists cels... I think I'm going to have a heart attack now with this 3rd one. The other two I think are resolved and just needs to get to Chicago.

Finally I'm a little bummed at missing a cel on animegame's latest RK update. Yep the Fuji cel was gorgeous! It was really a bummer especially since I checked keeptrack just before I left for work that morning. I was really bummed.... Ah well, win some and lose some as they say. Whoever got it, got themselves a great Juppongatana cel. Congratulations.

So anyway... I really want to open my new gallery but I'm still debating whether to wait for all three cels to come in, or just the two which should come this week or early next week. Aside from that well I also should wait on some YYH. LOL. All I ever do nowadays is wait it seems. ^__^***
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Uchuu Senkan Yamato musings
last modified: Saturday, March 24, 2007 (1:15:53 AM CST)
I bought my first Yamato cel the other day. It is a big step for me as I had been trying to avoid collecting the series for many reasons such as I do not remember each and every episode I watched, I never finished it and all I have is nostalgic feeling for the show. I only remember a few characters and I really wasn't sure if adding another series into my collecting will be good for me. LOL. So months pass and I watch each Yamato cel go by, thinking to myself "Oh I remember him!" "Oh i should get at least a cel of the spaceship or the Captain or that guy in green... He was my favorite." It's shameful I wanted to buy a cel not remembering even their names. But i look and look just like I would look for Tadao's works or Macross or Kenshin cels.

Sure I admit that some of the available cels aren't really breathtakingly beautiful. It's more than 30 years old and the cels have been picked over by many fans, especially Japanese fans who are big followers of Leiji Matsumoto. one note is that Leiji was not the producer of the show, it was Yoshinobu Nishizaki but Leiji is mostly credit for Yamato for the reasons that it was his artistic vision that made the show a legend. I do not know what to say to that but I do believe that Yamato would not be possible without Yoshinobu either especially in relation to getting it 'out' to the public. But I'm getting off the topic, again Yamato cels are available but ver nice Yamato cels are harder to come by nowadays and they're not cheap (but not horribly expensive either).

Suffice it to say that I saw a cel and it was not a bad looking cel and it was signed so I bought it because I do respect Yoshinobu and Leiji. I can't even tell who's signature it is but I'm asking a few friends if they know. It can only be one of them. ;) But that one cel had made me look into Yamato again, made me start watching the movies and during the course of that subtitled movie I noticed something quite fascinating... The names of the crew of the Yamato sounded very familiar, no not familiar in the sense that I'm "recalling" them from 25 years ago... But that they were names of people I am a big fan of now. For example Captain Okita *wink*, Todou *wink wink*, Saitou Hajime, *wink wink wink wink*. Got it? Now I never knew that the Shinsengumi had influence on this anime as when I watched it as a child it was the dubbed version and they replaced the name into something more "Americanized". Heh I guess I can add this to one of the reasons i tend to shy away from dubs now. Oh by the way it's not exactly true what I said that I didn't know, I did know three years ago that the uniforms used on Yamato was patterned after the shinsengumi, the sleeves and bottoms of the pants are similar to the "mountains" found on the sleeves of shinsengumi uniforms. But that wasn't enough reason for me to go back and re-watch the whole thing because i knew it was long more than 150 episodes I think. But the past few days I've been watching and reading summaries and the subtle and not so subtle similarities just amuses me so much.

So now, I am going to be on the hunt for these cels... Heh I alread have a list of what I want eventually. so I don't know why I avoided buying it like the plague... It had a great cast, directors, production staff... It was an anime I enjoyed as much as Macross and Astro Boy... It was also a landmark anime that made history both in and out of japan. Here is the opening w/ Isao Sasaki *grin*
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I'm celebrating... Somewhat...
last modified: Saturday, March 17, 2007 (2:36:24 PM CST)
Hmmm the other day I got promoted. Yes yes... I know I've been complaining and moaning of work stuff for the past who knows when. Well I finally got the guts the other night to state exactly what I want and you know what, it wasn't such a disaster as I thought it would be. I'll leave out the details of what transpired, suffice it to say that I'm just waiting for my business cards to be delivered next week. Heh I know it's kind of shallow to be all happy about that but hey, I busted my ass off and as a friend told me in this country sometimes you have to look out for yourself and demand for things. it's weird coz from where I came from you do the exact opposite.

Anyway to celebrate, I bought a couple of cels to start off a series that I've been wanting too for a long long time but never could because of well money constraints and I couldn't find the character I wanted to start off with at a price I can live with. Yes yes... I'm cheap I can't help it!

As for updates, I do have some cels still laying around but I've been busy and anxiously waiting for others to arrive. When they do i'll just lump it all up one of these nights or not. I have a tendency to update once I get cels in after all, well not when it's part of a lot and I'm really just interested in certain cels. Oh well maybe I'll work a little tonight in this gallery. But right now I have some smoked milkfish that needs my "attention". Cheers!

p.s. I broke my keyboard last week and got this crappy crappy ultra-cheap keyboard knowing i'll break it again... So... Please let the various grammar errors in this post and future posts passs (sic). ;P
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To Keep to the Bright Side
last modified: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 (5:58:01 PM CST)
Ah my patience is very short today... Actually it's been like that the past week maybe two. Mostly it stems from work related issues which of course I won't discuss here. Suffice it to say that I'm contemplating a lot of things right now about my future. Heck I'll be 30 next year and maybe that's part of it... I don't know. Or maybe it's because my parents keep trying to fix me up with a "life-long" partner. OMG... Hello... I'm grown and yeah maybe a bit decrepit but I can decide what I want to do!

Anyway let me try to think of something positive and maybe related to cels... I have a good friend who is keeping me sane right now. That's good for me, but not for her. LOL. I'm not a very good friend so I guess I'm lucky I have a good friend who's willing to hear me whine and complain all day. Or hear me go all fangirly or talk about Shinsengumi stuff. Things that other people won't understand... I mean we all have those friends I think who isn't into anime and just look at us like we're martians.

What else? Last week in my search for cels I surprisingly met a doujin-ka. One who likes to do yaoi and who does my favorite RK yaoi circle "Takarabune". So imagine my surprise as I try to umm make a deal and she comes back and tells me, She's glad I like her work. Oh I don't just -like- her work, I absolutely ADORE it. It was also nice to talk to her about RK and last year's demise of Hirotaka Suzuoki. I did not feel bad at all that we couldn't make any deals. It was like, heck she loves it too and I was just glad about that.

Then I met another RK collector who seems very nice. He had something for me so heck I was very very happy. LOL. It was a little harder to communicate but I think my trusty online translation tools (aka nifty, babelfish, excite and J-Dic) did the trick. So that was good.

Then finally something came out of the blue that made me happy as well... But that I'll leave to when I update my gallery perhaps next week. You know who you are! You wonderful you!

So yeah most of my happiness right now stems from cels... LOL. After losing out on the animegame update, I was a bit bummed... I really needed something to perk me up, but hey I guess that was good too since I got to meet some nifty people. I think I really do like building my collection with the help of private collectors, it's a bit more personal and satisfying.

Finally, I think I'm giving up two series to collect. Not exactly because I don't like them but because i find that i don't like them as much to continue looking for them. The factors are mostly because of availability and the fact that I'm not happy with paying the prices to get more cels of those shows. Plus there are at least two more shows that I feel would make me happier. It's really only after getting a feel for the market that I can accurately say if I'm happy or not. XD
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One day at a time... *edited* LOL
last modified: Monday, March 05, 2007 (9:00:11 PM CST)
Argh this sucksÖ So many new cels came up that I really want... but this weekend my laptop blew, my windows cracked, my keyboard said bye byeÖ Then thereís real life stuff that just seems to knock at the most unexpected times. *sigh* I wish I can stop looking at all those beautiesÖ I wishÖ Then thereís the others that I save for, just in caseÖ *hangs head*

That is one good thing about this hobby I guess. It forces you to be very careful about where you spend and how much. You never know when a true wishlist might become available and things like that. But on a brighter side, Iíve gotten a hold of how I spend and not have resorted to credit cards or putting bills second. I spend my ummm fun money basically. So I guess thatís nice ne?

Anyway I guess my lappy will be out of commission and I did get a keyboard for my desktop so here I am typing away. I also received very good news today on the work frontÖ What Iíve been dreading will not happen, at least as far as I know so life goes on as usual. Iím just so adverse to change right now, kind of tired of transitions and the like coz itís been like that the past year or two. Itís a good feeling to wake up and know that things will remain the same. Iím gladÖ Iím happy. Itís funny coz everytime I think like that I think of this Toyota commercialÖ LOL...

Anyway some new cels are up... FOR, PMK, SD. I'm kind of pressed for time so I've uploaded only a few. And I changed from itoya books to file totes and cardboard/celbags. It's so much easier to organize now. hehehe and I can hold my cels just like umm I want to. Here is a pic, by the time I'm done re-bagging all my cels I think it will be filled and I'd have to get another one soonish. X-D

Click this for piccie.
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Spending time with the lovelies
last modified: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 (1:58:51 AM CST)
Well Iíve decided to change the way I store my cels Ėagain-. I donít really know why Iím being so anal about it but Iím not the type of person who puts it in a celbook and never looks at it again. So Iím going for backing boards, cel bags and a hanging file cabinet. I really found this post by Roy (backlotanimation)to be very useful as there seems to be many differing opinions on how to store cels, what makes line fade and gases. Weíll see how it goes but Iíve done a couple of them and I am liking it. I wouldíve tried the matting instead but I like to see the cel whole. Yes Iím a weirdo who likes a complete view even of the paint edges. LOL.

Anyway with the stuff Iíve been reading in the cel communities lately, I figured it would be much better to turn my attentions to cel care than spend time reading any further. Hell you know, my Ėwonderful- job is going through another transition that unfortunately affects me quite drastically and Iím stressed out enough soÖ I think re-bagging, cleaning and storing my cels all in order is just the therapy I need until things settle down a bit, when I can go browse online stuff again that is more fun to read and people at work get their act together. So anyway I donít plan to update for a while. I have quite a few Genshiken sketches, Recca cels I have to put up and some Slam Dunk, but until I get to the point of getting those ready for repacking, then I doubt Iíll be updating anytime soon. Anyway itís about time I sat down and do some curating too. Time to spend more time with my lovelies. Peace!

Oh and I was looking up Ted's gallery , he has a wonderful collection of American animation btw... Anyway I saw he post the hit counts of his popular cels. Now as my friend says, "Monkey see, Monkey do"... Here for your enjoyment and curiosity is the details of my top ten cels by hit count. Notice anything weird? Yep baka ookami seems to dominate... I sure hope that's not all me looking.. *laughs*

Kyoto Arc: Saitou Hajime: Glove Bite!

Tsuikohen: Shinsengumi Third Captain

Kyoto Arc: Regain your sanity Saitou

Seisouhen DC: Saitou Profile

Kyoto Arc: Saitou Smokes at Work

Roy and Claudia - Farewell

Seisouhen DC: Saitou Hajime Glare!

Tsuikohen: Toba-Fushimi - Saitou vs Battousai

Awesome Saitou! *Fancel*

Kyoto Arc: The Relentless Wolf of Mibu
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A dream came true!!! I got my wish!!!
last modified: Saturday, February 24, 2007 (4:27:11 PM CST)
I'm floored... It's so beautiful... I can now finally stop worrying!!! It's here... It's probably the greatest find I've had ever since I started collecting. It's beautiful and perfect. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I need to get off the PC or you'll hear me hyperventilate a bit more.

Check it out!

Thank you!!!!
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eanie, meanie, minie, moe
last modified: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 (12:09:15 AM CST)
I used to blog a lot, although that probably sounds weird as Iíve managed to blog quite a bit the past few weeks. Anyway at times I find it very therapeutic, other times quite destructive. The past year Iíve made a resolution that I shall no longer blog in my journal accounts as I find that online blogs makes it easy to just say things that otherwise you wouldnít say. Not that Iím a coward but my fingers get way ahead of me and sometimes a little prudence and tact should be in order. Oh there are days that I want to go back and just blog to put callouses on my fingertips and run this keyboard to the ground because my head is burning with thoughts, opinions and the like. But thank heavens I find something else to do and having this RS blog helps as it keeps me in check. What I post here I remind myself should be cel related or at the very least animation related after all when you make a post in your blog it goes right to the frontpage of RS which isnít livejournal or myspace etc etc. Oh heck once in a while Iíll post some real life personal stuff but usually they are the harmless blog whines or snippets of ďWhee Iím happyĒ.

Anyway, Iíve been thinking itís so much more fun to be in the sidelines and just do stuff than to try to encourage other people to do things. One can go in and out whenever one pleases, just like I do here in RS and Beta. Iíve been itching to go back to some older interest but just the thought of the old days make me want to go bathe in a tub of lard and roll over in a frying pan. LOL. Which is probably why I spend more time re-arranging my cels than I do umm Ėother- stuff that Iím scheduled to do and finish in my other hobby, like maybe do some artwork, write fanfic, do some translating, site updating etc. etc. etc. Iíve had a lot of stuff that Iíve been sitting on, videos to encode, manga to go over, reviews to do and hunt for news but I donít do any of that. Iíve managed to avoid it the past I donít know, maybe itís been a year. Iíve successfully managed to distract myself with other things and the biggest distraction right now are cels. Oh donít get me wrong, Iím not saying the collecting hobby is just a distraction, I really like it, maybe even love it more now than umm my other stuff. Sure I think there are many down sides to the hobby, but itís nice to just sit back and do your own thing, be as passive or as aggressive as you want. My only concern really is when I compare it to my other hobbyÖ Someone told me itís possible my interest has shifted, that I like cel collecting more and that it offers more variety and less headachesÖ Although that is true to an extent, then why do I sit here and keep thinking, I want to get back to doing the other stuff? Iím reminded of an old post tex-chan made about checking out, Iíve checked out for a long time now. I want to go back but canít seem to do so. Weird. Youíd think all you really need is the ďwantĒ. But I guess thatís not true. They say in writing, the reason people get writerís block isnít because they have run out of ideas, but itís because theyíre afraid of executing it and have managed to corner themselves. Maybe Iím afraid in that way... But also itís so much more refreshing to just be a bystander and just observed, be content with what you think you know. Thatís also probably why I like collecting so much now, the baggage is less or at least more tolerable than the others. I mean which collector will go up to another and tell them, ďDamn thatís an awful cel!Ē? We all know only a jerk will do that.

Which brings to mind something very weird for meÖ If someone would come up to me now and ask, whatís so special about plastic? Why should I bother collecting it? Should they get into it? I could most probably give a decent answer, at least rationalize why I spend on it. But in retrospect, if someone was to ask me about my older hobby, Iíd probably have to think long and hard trying to remember what did I like about it in the first place. Used to
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Oh I hate the holidays!!!
last modified: Saturday, February 17, 2007 (1:43:00 PM CST)
*tick tock* *tick tock* Monday is a holiday... I have to work... Worst the cel won't come today, definitely not Sunday and gah Monday is a holiday... Stupid stupid me... Why can't Tuesday just come??? *cry*

So what's the melodrama about? Well, I have a true and high wishlist cel thatís coming soon. I've shown it to two people already, a good friend and someone who made me so happy recently. Now you two, keep quiet!!! *smirk* I so want to go around places and show it. Not because I want some personal gratification, well maybe just a little (LOL) but because Iím just floored with the cel and how in the world it came to my hands is just unbelievable. Of course it took some work to get but also I think it would have never been possible if I was not lucky. It almost feels kismet really. You know itís one thing to stumble to a dealers site when they update and find your wishlist cel, itís also another thing when you see it in someone elses gallery and you make an offer and definitely another when itís given to you as a gift from a precious someone. But this cel was none of that, it took a bit of sleuthing to find where it truly was, as I first saw it in a foreign general RK website gallery along with other cels that looked ďfamiliarĒ and then sending out various e-mails and stumbling upon a middle man to get to it and no Iím not talking about a deputy service. Frankly, I had resolved not to overpay for my cels, which is why I do quite a bit of research because you know whatís the point of having a hobby that just makes you broke and worry? Thankfully enough my offer was accepted, eventhough I really thought I didnít give an offer that was difficult to refuse. I wanted it. I tell you. Wanted and needed itÖ I knew if it was turned down I would probably regret it for years as some opportunities sometimes just doesnít come around twice and it took quite a bit of work to find, but a few months after I started collecting I realize I needed to set some limits on myself so I had to pass up on a couple of wishlist as well until I get some big windfall. Anyway the cel is so significant to me and yes itís a Saito cel but itís a special one, almost as special as my holy grail and no thatís not just the fangirl in me talking. Iím sure others have seen greater and better cels after all itís not even been a year since I started collecting, but Iím sure I think once itís up in my gallery those who love Rurouni Kenshin will understand why this is such a big thing to me. So forgive me if I blog about it right now, I just canít stand the wait and also the feeling of being so undeserving of such luck. I am in nirvana right now and sitting here looking at the clock and wondering if it will come today or if the wait will be as long as Tuesday. Of course Iím also worried that something might happen and the cel never reaches my hands. Last night and this morning I kept looking for RS backgrounds to use and taking screenshotsÖ I already wrote my description too but ummm it's not turning out so good. I think my excitement is killing itÖ ArghÖ Iím hopeless ne?
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Something blew my mind back then... Oh well.
last modified: Thursday, February 15, 2007 (2:25:05 AM CST)
*sigh* You know there are very few anime the past few five years that have taken my breath away, I could probably count them in one hand. Back in the 70-80s there were quite a few anime that Iíd consider landmark because not much anime has come out of Japan back then a lot of the shows during the time were robots and space opera they were pioneers I guess,.. Then there were the anime adaptation of western classics mid 80s to early 90sÖ Then came the fantasy that I was very much into in the 90s, like Fushigi Yuugi, Sailormoon, YYH and yes DBZ. Somewhere along the way late 90s, early 2002 I was into the whole romance thing and it didnít really matter what setting they were Kare Kano, Ai Yori Aoshi and I went back to some older one like Ranma and Marmalade Boy. Then 2003 I was into the sports genre, slice of life and samurai anime. I think since then Iíve watched anime purely for watching anime. I was entertained and I like but not totally blown away. Too many themes were repeated in my opinion and it got to the point that I was bored out of my mind after watching almost all of animenfo.comís top 100 that I pulled out RK, frankly I really didnít like RK TV that much because I saw bits and pieces of the first season back in the late 90s and I was avoiding it like the plague. Thank goodness Tsuikohen and Kyoto Arc saved that for me, although I regret not giving it more of a chance when it first came out but anyway RK got me into the whole samurai and history thing till a year agoÖ But aside from that itís been so long since Iíve watched an anime that truly knocked me off my seat or blew my mind. Iím not saying that the popular ones arenít good, what Iím trying to say is itís been a while since I saw an anime that was very unique and made me feel Ėprivileged- to have watched it. Whatís annoying the heck out of me is that the ones where I would actually buy sketches for, I canít find anything at all. Like for example, Planet ES, Tokyo Grandfathers and Paranoia Agent. I wasnít a fan of Satoshi Kon, it was really Paranoia Agent that did it for me. Iíve known about his prior works but after watching Memories I wasnít totally immersed so his name really didnít register in my mind. But Paranoia Agent was probably the anime that had me guessing until it was done and over. I will admit mid-way in that anime, I was completely lost and I guess thatís why I liked it. You think you know, then you donít and then you think you and still you donít. LOL. After watching that I tried the movie Tokyo Grandfathers and again I was blown away but not because I was puzzled but because he took a theme that has never been dealt with before, that is the homeless. Satoshiís work seems to be a paradox, a realist and yet not. The only other work that I think is as unique and on par with his work is PlanetES by Yukimura Makoto. Now PlanetES is as realist as it can be, debris collectors out in space and experiences all the human emotion and the physical effects of doing what they do. Itís sad because I have not seen artwork from these three anime that blew my mind. The truth is it takes a LOT for me to buy sketches, I will only buy sketches of shows that are highly significant to me. It must be a series or subject matter that I absolutely worship. So itís a little annoying that I canít find anythingÖ. Of course I can go and pull out Satoshiís Perfect Blue or Millennium Actress, Iím sure those shows would have some of the elements that I found impressive about Paranoia Agent or Tokyo Grandfathers, they were directed by the same man after all plus there would be cels! But I donít because, I feel like Iíd only be ďsettlingĒ for itÖ Although I am impressed with Satoshiís story telling and technique, I would not want to collect something of him just because itís him. I want to be moved first and no, not by the name but by the work first and foremost. Although I think Satoshi is great and his work are not one shot fame, which will make me go and look up more of his wor
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Some updates and re-watching an old movie
last modified: Saturday, February 10, 2007 (5:06:22 PM CST)
So the past few days I've been updating. Various series but of course my favorite ones are in the RK, Macross and Trigun sections. I also started X and hopefully a package will be arriving soon so that my lone X cel don't get too lonely. *chuckles* But anyway, I broke down and finally bought that Usui cel from the dealer site. I've been eyeing it for a long time and after the disappearance of Jine from Anime-Link, I decided that it's usually when I wait that I miss cels I want. Also I finally got a Vash with his gun. Oh dear me... I've been wanting one for so long but couldn't get you know, something I can afford for that series. Eheeheheh...

Anyway, I was good and stayed away from the Kenshin cels on YJ. LOL. They were great cels and whoever won got themselves quite a piece of artwork, but eh I felt that the group would go higher and I'm flat out broke so... Well that helps in being good ne?

Now away from cels, today I went and got myself a copy of Macross: Do You Remember Love. Yes I have watched Macross back in the 80s... To be honest I don't remember much of it, only that I know it was one of those anime that I still think about and wish they'd make a nice sequel for. I just really like the original better and some like Macross Zero and Macross Plus... The others, I'm not so sure but in all fairness I haven't watched the others.. I just don't know, from clips that I've seen I probably won't like it... Anyway back to the movie... Obviously I watched the movie for my newest cel acquisition... LOL. It was a pretty good movie, good enough that I actually like it. Most of the time I do not like movies as much as the TV series or OVA, because I feel that they try to condense hours of anime into a 2 hour movie. That's why I never watch a movie without watching the series first (if there was one). One of the way I judge a movie adaptation is whether a newbie who's never seen the anime, whether they'd enjoy it and understand it. I've seen too many anime movies that were just so..... Well it wasn't made for non-fans of that movie at all. Anyway, Macross DYRL passes that test even if it also suffers from not putting enough attention to it's secondary characters... At least for those secondary characters they got the point across unlike some movies where they just completely ignored secondary characters. Ugh... Anyway I'm going to stop rambling now. Enjoy the update and why not pick up an Anime movie you've not seen in 20 years? You might even be pleasantly surprised.
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last modified: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 (1:29:31 AM CST)
Well I finally sat down and figured out the prices for my collection. For me it was a rather scary number, scary because I still think it was a short time. How in the world did I manage to do that? Scary because Iíve never really spent that much on any hobby beforeÖ And scary because Iím now trying to seriously figure out how to go about this thing. LOLÖ One good thing Iíve noticed is much of what Iíve spent has gone to my ďAĒ series, aka the series I am always looking for, will probably not easily sell (if at all). Provided they are the pricier series, still I think over two-thirds going there is a good sign. What I dislike about my main series though is that itís harder to find cels for them and usually when they do come up, they are pricey for me. And Iím one of those people who like to have their fix in a more consistent basis (if that makes any sense). I go a tad insane when I donít get to updateÖÖ. *sigh* But I want to up my spending ratio in the A series which means less spending on other series. Not that I donít love them but when I really think about it, an A series for me are those that I wouldnít let go of easily.

Which brings to mindÖ that I had recently had my first cel sale. It went good but I found that letting go of cels in my gallery was quite a challenge. LOL. I do thank those who bought from me though. Thank you! And to one person I apologize for not hiding a certain series. Sorry for getting your hopes up. I apologizeÖ Anyway I realized that I do not really like to cut into my collectionÖ For the most part I want to keep it intact. Thatís mainly the reason I closed the sale after half a day of placing an ad for it at Beta, RS and Animanga. I guess it is true what they say, you get fond of these thingsÖ Once itís displayed in my galleryÖ Well I guess that makes one a collector yes? One is always looking to increase oneís collectionÖ Not cut into it. Although I did it to help alleviate a cel purchase for an A series, I found out it wasnít really the point. So back to saving to afford my other cel wants instead of using my current cels to get another (although much more) wanted cel. SoÖ I guess I should add that this is not a for sale blog post. It is not at all. Just telling you my newfound scary adventures in this hobby.

Anyway... I hope to update soon. I'm waiting for a few things to come in. BTW does anyone like the new look? It took a while to change and of course the banner is made by my free banner maker safetygirl. Hehehe.
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Autograph of Nagahama-sensei and more Super Robot ramblings!
last modified: Saturday, January 27, 2007 (11:39:02 AM CST)
LOLÖ I won an autograph of Nagahama Tadao!!! It was a bid war but hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just really love the ďRomantic TrilogyĒ of the Super Robot era! Again the Romantic Trilogy is what gave the Robot genre the element of "Human drama" and I think if you consider that Nagahama-sensei also directed "Rose of Versailles" one would understand. ^__^ Itís too bad Nagahama-sensei died quite a while ago but Iím so glad to see that his works are always included in the Shogun Warrior merchandises Super Robot Spirits concerts and games that come out still. It makes me very happy that his works are here to stay even if theyíre not as popular in the US. Come to think of it, itís the same way with Leiji Matsumoto where his die-hard fans are mostly Japanese and a small following in the US. Iíll admit I like old school, space opera, robots that combine, manly tears and honor and all that. X-D Itís something I donít see much in todayís anime, although I still like modern anime but for a different reason.

I think my forever love will always be these things, by that I mean ďSuper RobotĒ. Notice I use the quotation, ďSuper RobotsĒ are different from ďReal RobotsĒ at least back in the old days, the distinction was much more clear where ďSuper RobotsĒ had super powers and the robot was related to itís pilot so much so that it represented the pilots ideals i.e. courage, justice, etc. while the ďReal RobotsĒ tended to be more militaristic and the robots were more of a tool, not necessarily a representation of the pilot. However as time went on, the boundaries between Super and Real robots diminished and what we see now is a mix like Eva. Super Robot shows have been criticized of their formatting and sometimes monster of the week thing, however I believe if youíve seen Tadaoís works that can easily be forgiven, actually I donít notice it that much because of the way itís integrated in the story. Besides this was the format of most anime back then and not only that but many popular anime even in modern times has done and still do it. Anyway enough of thatÖ If you want to try to see what a Super Robot is and have no idea of Tadaoís works then perhaps some of you may have heard of Mazinger Z or Getter Robo those are also from the ďSuper RobotĒ genre.

Anyway I am just happy to get Tadaoís autograph. He died in 1980 so LOL, even if I flew to Japan wellÖ X-D The signature is on a Combattler V pamphlet and if you notice I have no Combattler V celsÖ That might change very soon. Although I wish to get more of Choudenji Voltes V because that is my all time favorite almost as much as Tosshou Daimos. Itís too bad that cels for Voltes V seems to be quite rare and those that are out there are not the best either in terms of shot or quality. It makes me a little sad that I only have four cels in the past six months or so. But I am very happy with my Daimos collection although itís still quite lacking. Several weeks ago I saw some beautiful Genga on mandarake with the Bank transformation sheets and a great sketch of Richard and Erika together. I passed on it because the truth is I want cels. I want cels that has survived thirty yearsÖ It gives me fascination that those cels fragile as they are survivedÖ So that makes me happy with Daimos, as for Voltes VÖ Gah I wonder where the cels are or if they were a victim of the horrid ďacetate recyclingĒ washing thing. Anyway Combattler V was the first of the romantic trilogy and it seems the cels have survived and I will be picking up my share soon. X-D

Anyway for some retro fun and if youíre feeling for some live performances, why not try youtube and the live versions of the opening of the Super Robots? X-D My favorite singers/performers are Horie Mitsuko (Voltes V Ė I lost her autograph a few weeks ago *sad*), Isao Sasaki (Yamato- not Super Robot but heís famous for that, he sang Getter Robo though in the Super Robot Spirits concert!), and the great Ichirou Mizuki!!! (known for the opening of Captain Har
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And it feels like today...
last modified: Thursday, January 25, 2007 (12:22:12 AM CST)
And so it was another long day at work...


Kizu looks at telephone alarm, hits "snooze". The darn thing won't turn off...


Through blurry eyes realizes the noise is not from the telephone alarm but an actual call at almost 6AM in the morning. Who in the world?

"Hey it's me. I'm not coming into work today..."

Wonderful... Kizu has had 3 hours of sleep max. "Okay..." Kizu runs to the bathroom, tears through the closet, logs on to the PC to get reports running. Yep it's being proactive to make up 3 hour staggered shift difference. Yes Kizu is lazy and works between 9 and 10, not 7 and 8.

*drops dead on the train... wakes up two stops from lasalle... sleeps some more... hears "this is lasalle. this is a train bound for forest park". *opens eyes, pushes closing doors open, makes her stop* *Insert trophy here*

4 hours later... thinks she has to pee... Can't stand up, phones ringing, someone's shouting but she only hears a buzzing in her ear. Feh forget nature's call can wait...

6 hours later... Stomach grumbles "eat". TURN ON IGNORE SIGN. Stand up while typing that will make the stomach grumbling go away and has the added benefits of "stretching" after hours of being a hunchback.

11 hours later... Announces to evening shift... "Goodbye everyone!" *smiles for courtesy*

"Where are you going I just sent you an e-mail!"

"What?" *Kizu translation: WTF? I want to go!"

"You asked for it! I'm giving you an answer."

"Okay but nothing can be done now. It's too late." *Kizu translation: I asked for this an hour ago.*

Kizu leaves for an our train ride. Whee! Falls asleep again. Forecast for tomorrow? Same thing, but what can one do? Money makes the world go round and cels too. X-D
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last modified: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 (4:16:39 AM CST)
Hmmm cel collectingÖ How utterly great and utterly disappointing. You know Iíve cooled off in my other hobbies one by force and the other by sheer disappointment. I used to collect doujinshi but because Iíve found an even more expensive hobby, I find that I really canít keep up both. Oh once in a while if I see a chibi Saitou or Saitou x *insert girl here* or a nicely drawn yaoi doujinshi, Iíd buy but thatís been like twice the past five months. I love guilty pleasures but they are at times worrisome. I smoke. Heh and no itís not because I want to be like wolfie-kunÖ Iíve smoked for a long time, started back in college. I wanted to quit many times but Iím addicted and yes itís true I have quite a lot of stress at work. Itís the nature of my job aside from other worries. Any non-smoker can come up to me and easily say, you can quit. Easy for them to say. Itís like telling an overweight person that he or she can lose all the weight they desire by sheer will power. Thatís a load of bull too because some do need more than just ďdisciplineĒ, they need professional helpÖ Same goes with alcoholics. I know this through people Iíve seen go through battles using only sheer will and see them fail over and over again.

Anyway Iím just sayingÖ I found another addiction. How utterly great and utterly disappointing. Yes I repeated myself. Shoot me. SeriouslyÖ Shoot me.

There are many things in life more important than the guilty pleasures I find myself addicted to. Case in point, Iíve basically stopped doing any historical research for the Shinsengumi, heck not done anything to my website lately because Iím still recovering from the nonsense that has happened the past few years amongst people I respected in the Shinsengumi community (if there ever was one). I got tired of all the know it alls, especially between the historian, researcher, experts, ardent fans.. You name itÖ Iíve come across each and every single crap in that side of web. It has pained me to see something that couldíve been great become something mediocre. Thatís really what led me to cel collectingÖ I needed an outlet to get away from any serious historical study and what not. I got tired of people trying to impose their views on othersÖ And replace a fictional character with whatís ordained to be better and more ďrightĒ because it was in ďhistoryĒ. Or how one is looked down upon because they are ďcluelessĒ and like to indulge in non-serious pursuits. Oh dear lord, I was so Ėtired-. Get over yourselves, thatís what I thought and walked away did my own thing. *smirk*

Back to cel collectingÖ Now Iím not naÔve enough to believe that communities will always be happy, that everyone will get along, be nice, courteous and respectful. People have differing opinions and experiences leading them to disagree. What I donít get isÖ Why canít people agree to disagree? And why such vehement attitudes? Ethics, courtesy and competitiveness I guess donít go hand in hand. Someone will always be just a tad jealous of another in this hobby I guess. Someone will be spiteful as well for anothers ďignoranceĒ. It is Ėdisappointing-. Suddenly I find myself back in the old days where fans were looked down upon by self-ordained historical experts.

It will be a sad day when people decide to just enjoy something by themselves. Ah wait, others are already going into hiding or have done so in both hobbies Iíve come to know new and old. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, when it stops being so it might be time to move on. Thankfully enough, Iím very stubborn and like what I do. Yes Iím still having fun thank God. Now onto searching for cels I can afford and not worry about prices beyond my control. Har.
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Ooh-oo child...
last modified: Thursday, January 11, 2007 (11:11:47 AM CST)
ArghÖ I feel lousy. I have a ton of stuff to do, including cel updating but have no motivation at all to do it. Itís probably because Iím sick again and this Chicago weather is just brutal. Actually thatís not true, weíve actually had a break from biting cold weather of January for the last few weeks. Itís only this week that itís going back to normalÖ

You know I grew up in a tropical country, cool rain, bright sun, lush forest and warm sand under my feet. It was paradise and the place of my grandparents have pretty much been preserved because it is a tourist spot. Yes there are many tourist which probably adds to waste but all in all, itís done really well the past twenty years. The preservation of marine life is going well and the coral reefs too. When I was younger of course it was better, no little tourist huts were in place, no big busses coming in to disturb the peace, everyone made their living from fishing instead of providing hospitable services. It was a quaint country life I guess which I treasured because I didnít live there. I was actually one of the city kids who just happen to have been raised there as a child and came back every summer for the yearly retreat.

Well whatís funny is now, it still pretty much the sameÖ Instead of a small quaint town in Anilao, Batangas, I visit the Philippines almost yearly. Instead of living in Metro Manila, I live in Chicago USA. Iíd say Iíve done better for myself, I really would, except that once in a while I miss my old life of complete freedom and abandonment. But memories of childhood or the teen years are often much prettier to us whoís painstakingly learned that there are bills to pay, food to put into our mouths and maybe others. That in order to enjoy something, you have to give up something, unless of course you are one of the lucky ones who has none of these concerns. When I was younger all I ever wanted to do was grow up. When I was in school, all I wanted was to get it over with. Now Iím done with all that, after wishing to see the world I find that the allure of the simple is much stronger and more satisfying. I remember an old saying and forgive me if I donít quote if perfectly butÖ As we age, we spend a lot of time building walls around ourselves, only to spend the rest of our lives tearing it down. It may not seem apt but when viewed in the context of how I wished for life complexities to come faster be more responsible, taste the better things in life, perhaps it would makes sense now that I want nothing else than to just live like a child, carefree with eyes that always looked on with wonder.

I love the song below. :P Hope you guys know what it is.

Ooh-oo child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh-oo child
Things'll get brighter
Ooh-oo child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh-oo child
Things'll get brighter

Some day, yeah
We'll get it together and we'll get it all done
Some day
When your head is much lighter
Some day, yeah
We'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun
Some day
When the world is much brighter
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Life is goodÖ
last modified: Sunday, January 07, 2007 (12:59:27 AM CST)
I just ate a tub of chocolate ice cream. This is why you never leave ice cream in the freezerÖ X-D Now Iíll have to cycle it offÖ *looks at exercise bike, sees the mountain of clothes on top of it* Maybe tomorrowÖ

Oh and I updated today. *grin* Didnít think I would be able to do so since ah wellÖ Go ahead and read this

Bad ne? Well Iíll pay for it later I think. *chuckles*

On another note a while ago I was reading other peopleís response about why they hide series, wants and such. For me, I canít quite hide it. If I like something, I like something and will try to do things to get it or get someone interested in it. I have a website thatís a testament to that I think. Anyway as for cel collecting it doesnít always work out but itís no fun if it always did. Maybe itís rather naÔve of meÖ Itís better than being in fear someone will find out, because good things, someone will always find out about it whether I exist or donít exist. But Iíd rather people know I like something coz sometimes it does work out and people help me to that end. Thatís grand I think and makes life good.
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Happy New Year! Did you celebrate?
last modified: Monday, January 01, 2007 (11:48:23 AM CST)
I hope everyone had fun last night! ^^
Did you all jump to make yourself taller?
Did you dress in polka-dots?
Did you put money in your pocket? in dried rice? in little red envelopes?
Did you hang grapes on your door and windows?
Had 12 different kinds of fruits on your table?
Ate very long noodles?

Did I do any of these things? In my mind I did... LOL! My mother is going to ream me.... ^
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A dream is a wish your heart makes
last modified: Sunday, December 24, 2006 (4:46:53 PM CST)
My heart aches a little about a cel so Iím going to write in this blog. Thereís this cel that Iíve been helplessly staring at the past few months. No itís not that great of a cel but it ďspeaksĒ to me and just laughs everytime I look at it. Since a couple of things came up, is coming up etcÖ I made a command decision to really go after this cel so I took the plunge and offered an almost ridiculous amount of money for it. Well ridiculous for me, although Iíve offered to some before it wasnít like this one. This cel tortured the heck out of me. And donít be worried itís not an RS or Beta member so I donít think or I hope Iím not offending people hereÖ But the cel tortured me and I guess still continue to do so.

Needless to say this afternoon I finally got a replyÖ Time difference sometimes suck and all the holidays too. LOLÖ When you canít sleep and you run over to your e-mail everytime it did that ďbeepĒ thingy. *sigh* I can understand why this person would not let go of the celÖ It is a very beautiful cel and probably speaks to the person too. To be honest I already knew the person was going to say no, there are just some cels that are priceless. I can name quite a few in my own gallery that I would find hard letting go of. I just thought Iíd try and try HARD and beat the annoying voice in my head that chants, ďitís only plasticĒ. Plus I have a very BAD HABIT. When I donít get what I want, I tend to go and buy other things, that just take me further from my goals. Well all hope is not lostÖ I sensed a non-definiteness in their answer, unfortunately my hope of finding a sequence is nil as I think itís an A1-End cel. *sigh* I should probably take that cel off as my wallpaperÖ *chuckles* For now at leastÖ Maybe next year will be a better year. Thereís a couple I am eyeing at the moment too and they look pretty good, with my dream cel a definite ďnoĒ at least it gives me a bit more freedom to consider other things. My dream cel will just be a wishÖ FOR NOW. *contemplates of getting bigger guns to make it fall down*

*sigh* But you know that really wouldíve made my Christmas perfect. But ah oh wellÖ At least I got good presents this Christmas. Thanks to my Santa. ^__^ Merry Christmas everyone.
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Not equal...
last modified: Friday, December 22, 2006 (2:06:01 AM CST)
Thereís some very interesting threads about 1000 USD cels over at Beta. Iíve looked at the replies and the cels that fetched these prices and I am just in awe. Personally Iíve never paid more than 1K for a cel since I do have many other RL priorities. I try to get good prices on the cels I aim for, not that Iím stingy but I want to be satisfied with the purchase as well (hmmm maybe I am stingy ne? LOL)Ö And no offense at all to the people who paid more than 1K for a cel because I know I would pay that much for a cel that Iíve been drooling over if only the owner would sell it. So far I guess I havenít found a cel except for that one that Iíd pay 1K+ and still sleep well at night. But sadly the longer I wait for a cel to turn up, the more impatient I become and the price ceiling just seems to raise itself up or I get less picky. *sigh* I wish I can get a good handle on my collecting because in all honesty not all cels are created equal, even with the series I collect, or Ėwithin- the series I collect. And there are some cels that I just cannot missÖ Because I remember I was waiting for a certain cel to be delivered one day, and instead a big package came (with more cels) that I was not expecting and the feeling I got wasÖ I was SO disappointed and that moment I knew not all cels are created equal. I was happy with the new batch of cels but in the back of my mind I was still wishing for the other one to have come first.
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Not a traderÖ XD
last modified: Sunday, December 17, 2006 (2:09:10 AM CST)
First let me say that this is not a for sale or for trade post. Got to get that out of the way. LOL. But something interesting came up a few days ago. I was hunting for a cel and came up empty handed but a few had offered very interesting premium cels that I knew eventually Iíd want. Of course Iím still holding out for what Iím looking for so I was a bit befuddled and discussed it with someone. Eventually a suggestion was made such that I should go ahead and buy it because then I can go use it to trade. For a moment it sounded like an interesting proposition and in this hobby I do think people buy and sell and trade, just like any collecting hobby. But when I really thought about it, I didnít want to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a cel I can hopefully trade even if Iím pretty sure I can find someone. I dunno, it didnít feel right to deprive someone else of getting a possible dream cel just because I can use it as barter money later on. Donít get me wrong, I wouldíve gotten that cel for myself eventually but at the moment what I really want isnít that cel. So I ended up not getting it because it didnít seem right to do so.

Anyway I know people do this in collecting, buy something to trade for something else they want. Iíve seen a gallery that flatly states this too. Donít ask which it is pleaseÖ Sometimes I wonder if Iím stupid for not thinking like that or grabbing those ďopportunitiesĒ. I work in a trading firm and I think my concept of buying and selling or bartering is pretty good but I donít apply them to cels because letís face it, collecting is subjective. My buying habits arenít guided by anything logical or strategic, unless of course weíre talking about auctions. Auctions are fair game to me. I wouldnít feel bad about besting someone in an auction (in any manner) of something I really want. Now if I was to win an auction with the motive of reselling or trading the cel from the get go, then I think that would make one a jerk wouldnít it? So I guess what I mean is, I donít like to buy cels that I know from the very start will just be used as a bartering tool. Of course I entertain the notion of trading but thatís afterwards when I grow disenchanted or find something better. It certainly isn't a reason for me to buy.

But you know maybe there is a thing as cel karma. LOL. Because a few days after this event and decided not to get the cel for bartering purposes, someone did a VERY NICE THING for me. Thanks Kata.
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Itís happy cel/sketch day!
last modified: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 (11:05:48 PM CST)
The first being Galaxy Railways, I never thought Iíd see sketches for those. Iím so happy because even if I am a fan of Leiji Matsumotoís works before, itís been so long ago and Iíll admit itís a very faint memory watching Yamato, Galaxy Express 999 and Captain Harlock. Iíve always wanted to collect something from Leiji and maybe I might dive in for Yamato, but right now the dearest to my heart is Galaxy Railways.

I also have put up some Princess Nine cels. I really like those cels because they came to me complete or at least most did. X-D

But ahÖ Well my penny pinching has paid off and I finally got a dream cel in my hands. Ummmm yep did I mention itís Saitou? Am I cursed or what? If you only knew how many cels I had to pass upÖ BoooÖ. But eh.. *smiles* Itís a wishlist ya know? I really loved the DC even if itís just 5 minutes more of my favorite RK character. Those were very precious moments. In my excitement I wrote up a long and rambling comment.. Eheheheeh! ^__^***

I'm very sorry I'm lagging behind on other series comments tho. I seem to be scanning faster lately. Boo....
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Give Thanks!
last modified: Saturday, November 25, 2006 (1:54:48 PM CST)
Ah so belated happy thanksgiving everyone. Sorry I donít have much thanksgiving story to tell, I was working both Thursday and Friday with pretty much no time to get up and do anything because some urgent stuff came up. However I did have a couple of nice people drop by at night and brought me food. ^__^*** I donít know how to cook and donít have anytime to so that was really nifty of them. That said I have many things to be thankful for, aside from the people who help me survive out here in the jungle. This year made me realize that no matter how down in the dumps one can be and no matter how long, things do eventually go up. I wonít bore you with the details but I can say that you see me here now collecting cels of all thingsÖ Things have stabilized, even improved for me and those I know in RL. Iíve spoken to quite a few friends I had to part ways with both RL and online, they are all doing better like myself. Thatís really something to be thankful for ne? To get back something resembling your life to what it was is good and maybe even get a little extra in the end. Do I sound depressing? I swear Iím not trying to beÖ Iím quite happy in fact, this might be the most meaningful thanksgiving for me ever since a few years ago, well thatís because the places I used to live in didnít have thanksgiving you know? *grin*

I really do like this new hobbyÖ Itís also something I am thankful for. Perhaps itís not the most reasonable and sane hobby out there but itís given me something to smile about and not worry about like my older interests. Maybe itís because Iím new and havenít really seen the ďissuesĒ at work, although I do know about them because Iíve been reading older threads in other cel forumsÖ But Iíve not come across them in full force and the problems arising from this collecting doesnít seem to fall in my lap out of the blue like my older hobbies. Iíve gotten more encouragement in this hobby than I have in any other. Thatís quite a change where for the most part I seem to elicit blind criticism for the most stupid of things from people who thinks their word is law in certain communities. But I shouldnít talk about that here, I only mentioned it because without that barometer to compare with, I wouldnít be able to explain why Iím really liking this cel collecting stuff. Of course I have my frustrations with itÖ LOLÖ Like not being able to get cels/sketches that I want but thatís only because good common sense will not allow it all at one time. Recently several people have been unloading cels that I have been ogling at for quite some time, but I ended up passing on them, even Kataís. And it was no piece of cake since I Ėreally- wanted them but have made a deposit already elsewhere. Like kittens said before this collecting thing is a waiting game, thatís part of the fun. I understand we all do not have the same sized wallets, nor the same connections, those play a big part in collecting but just because some people do have them and I donít Iím not going to worry about it because when I Ėdo- find something then wouldnít that be special? *laughs and rubs her hands together* So yeah thereís a lot of things to be thankful for.

Oh by the way I updated my gallery. I'll try to add a few more tonight or something and put the comments in.
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Fancel Puzzles
last modified: Monday, November 20, 2006 (1:05:29 AM CST)
Well the past few days Iíve been making fancelsÖ Rather Ėlearning- how to make them by trial and error. I can tell you one thing, they are very fun to do but requires a lot of patience which unfortunately Iím lacking. I know there are a lot of fancels out there and they look gorgeous but I wanted to make my own for those shows that are extra special to me. Of course since my work is quite amateurish and needs a lot of improvement, what I put up is mostly just to say to myselfÖ ďLookieÖ You actually finished one. Hehe.Ē Maybe someday the work will improve and Iíll move on to more detailed stuff. Right now Iím just learning how to blend colors, use a lightbox (I got one for cheap yay!) and figure out which ink to use on those lines. Some of my test have them all running except for the deco color but the deco color is too thick. *sigh* I wish there was a good guide on the net what to use. But oh wellÖ Maybe someday. In the meantime while I am saving up for my cel purchase, Iíll just practice more and youíll see my shameless fancel updates LOLÖ Well maybe someday theyíll be nicer. Iíve only done this the last two or so days and Iíve never painted all my life. X-D
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There are good days!
last modified: Saturday, November 11, 2006 (4:14:33 PM CST)
I donít know what it is this monthÖ But Iíve been very lucky in cel hunting for my favorite stuffÖ *cough* updated wolfie-kun and you already saw my Claudia update. *cough* Just a week or so ago the kami of cels seemed to have smiled and told me where to look. Seriously I never thought a cel that was on sale more than a year ago was still available. I thought it was sold already but I guess the buyer changed their minds and the seller never posted it again. So it was lucky that I took a shot in the dark and asked. I mean what were the chances ne? After digging up old archive posts and getting ďsorry sold that a long time agoĒ responsesÖ I really didnít think thereíd be any treasure buried under there. Sadly the cel is not here yet so I canít post it up. But ah you will hear another fan shriek, drool and fall on the floor half-dead. Yes I know Iím embarrassing. *grins*

Seriously, Iíve been very lucky, well perhaps not entirely thereís still this thing thatís keeping me awake at night and giving me nightmaresÖ Itís out of my reach right now so Iíve decided until itís in my hands Iím not buying any other cels for the moment. So what goes up in between for the next two weeks are already my older cels. Well except for that one I found luckily in the archives. Iím hoping it comes on Monday.. Actually I thought it would come today but alasÖ Still itís good day for me whenever I get a chance to update.
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A few updates and thoughts
last modified: Thursday, November 09, 2006 (2:36:10 AM CST)
Well I just spoke about Voltes V earlier and Iím glad to finally have another cel of that show to share with people. A wonderful cel of Prince Heinell. I donít remember who I was bidding against but I guess the DVD release is bringing back nostalgic feelings to some other Voltes V fans. I donít mind really although I think my wallet is poking me. LOL. Iím just really happy about this cel because I think itís one of those characters that taught me early on not to blindly label those who looked like a baddy as ďbaddiesĒ. You know like how we sometimes associate black with evil and white with good. Or horns with the devil and wings with angelsÖ LOLÖ Prince Heinell came first before Prince Ulrich of Daimos so the credit of complex villain in retro anime goes to him. LOL. Itís kind of funny because I have a sneaking feeling that the reason I like some of the anti-heroes I do now probably stems from these two characters. I like the good guys but I like hard to read anti-heroes a lot more. Makes sense because I did update with Sagara Sanosuke and while he was a ďbaddieĒ in RK in the beginning, I really loved him because he had similar qualitiesÖ Of course Sanosuke after settling his issues became one of the good guys and sadly my attachment to him went away and settled on Saitou who is hard to read as heck. But I do think that in the anime Sanosuke pretty much took a back-seat and just became the side-kick, losing a bit of that character development I liked. Even the bit of Sano maturing by the end of the Kyoto arc didnít bring back the ďfireĒ I had for the guy. Although I must say Saito doesnít have that much of character development to start with but he does make my head spin with all the Shinsengumi and Battousai bits, plus heís not one of those characters that you can take face value eventhough it may seem heís a bit pigeon viewed.

Anyway now on to the good guy/gal, I did update with Karen from Bít X and Kurama from YYH. I donít have much to say about Karen, itís not that I donít like her but sheís pretty straight forward and I guess I remember Bít X for other things. *cough* Fou for oneÖ and Hokuto and RonÖ Okay fine so Iím a bit all about the guys. Hey Iím a girl. *hint hint* Kurama though is completely different for me. I like Kurama not because heís the bishie in YYH and I didnít buy the cel for itís bishie qualities. I think thatís pretty obvious. Ah but Kurama is one of the ďniceĒ guys, well not in his Youko formÖ LOL. I just thought that cel reminded me so much of why I like KuramaÖ He has such a soft side to himÖ LOLÖ

That said, although I think the updates are pretty good IMHO, I did have to pass up on a couple of very nice cels. Iím really not used to passing up on something I like, coming from doujinshi collecting to cel collecting is a big leap for me and I realize quickly that I cannot do what I do in doujinshi otherwise Iíd be financially irresponsible. Iíve set a budget now for myself although I must say I still SPLURGE on this one character. *kicks ookami-sama but quickly runs to hug him*

The anime-beta awards are coming upÖ I think Iíll sit it out and just vote this year. I realize I buy cels not for their visual beauty but the personal feeling I get from them so unfortunately I donít think any of them would do well in a visual contest. Iíll just hug my cels to death and drool on them some more. That is, if they ever leave my dark and temperate closet. X-D
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Chichi wo Motomete
last modified: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 (5:52:58 PM CST)
One of the cels I have is of Voltes V. I plan to collect what I can from this series as I love it VERY MUCH. It is my FIRST anime love and I love it as a whole, the characters, the story and plot even yes the art which is so retro. I remember when I was maybe five I memorized the lyrics of the opening and ending without understanding any of it. The opening was easy as it was catchy and every kid on the block knows it. Weíd all hold hands together and ďvolt-inĒ. Sound kind of cheesy? Hell no. Itís what kids do, pretend they are their favorite character. But what I really loved about Voltes V was surprisingly the ending song which I never heard in English until a few years back. Of course I never finished the show until more than ten years passed but that ending song ďstuckĒ and I remember singing it a lot and the adults would go ďWhatís that?Ē. LOL. I loved how it sounded and always kind of thought that the song was about being reunited. I only guessed that though with the characters in the closing song looking like they were thinking of something (someone) and of course in the end it shows them running towards someone. I guess that had a lot of effect on me because I did miss my dad and as I look at it now, it even makes much more sense to myself because I now work far away from the people I grew up with. But anyway the song itself is so wonderful that even if it wasnít about that, I think it can still be appreciated.

Below is the ending video to Voltes V. ^__^***

Here is the translation

Here is the full song (donít mean to direct link but itís in a page with many links soÖ)

And this is Ivan Chenís wonderful site to Voltes V where I found the above stuff
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The rating feature
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The rating featureÖ

You know Iíve been thinking about it ever since a friend of mine who helped me build this site kept looking at the ďratingsĒ. I think she was more worried about the ratings going up or down instead of me. To be quite honest I do like the ratings because it tells me in a quick way whether my gallery is worthwhile to visit by others or not. Although now that I think about it, it shouldnít really matter because the cels that I get are beautiful judging from my own eyes only where factors include money, availability and preference, someone else may love them and someone else will not. I put them online because I love to share them with people who may like them and get some joy out of just seeing cels of characters/events we both happen to like. Also they're in a gallery because it's easier for me to get access to them, than pulling them out of my dark closet! So I guess now that I really think about it I may have to turn the rating feature off because Iím just here to share images of those I happen to snag and fangirl about them. I would not want to worry about ratings going down and visitors not ecstatic about what they see because we all like different things. One of my most favorite anime and the most cels I have of at the moment, Daimos, I donít think people know about it. LOLÖ Although ratings may encourage the collecting, I think it may also encourage collecting for the sake of getting ďgood gradesĒ. But that is just my opinion and probably doesnít hold true in every case. I do rate galleries that have the feature on them but I try not to rate them based on whether they have my favorites in them, although Iím sure Iíve fallen into that probably a few times. I guess I shall have to ask my friend though before I turn this rating off because well she likes to look at it and remind me. LOLÖ Well fellow collectorsÖ What is your opinion on the subject? Iíd love to hear from you whoís been at this longer than I have.
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Working for Cels
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The past few days I've been working like crazy... Covering for several different people, coming in at weird times, blah blah. It's kind of funny because for today what got me through was joking about, "I need money for cels so I'll put up with this." Frankly I just wanted to go home earlier after working an extended shift but my boss gave me dagger looks when I implied that I might not make the "social gathering" tonight. Basically it's just more networking and drinking and blah blah. I really didn't want to go coz I'm exhausted and have another early day ahead. Plus I was kind of thinking a cel might be waiting for me (which is was btw). Ah well I did what I had to and went with the boss and now I dunno, I can barely stay awake and my Inu cels are there unscanned and just staring at me and getting no love for the moment. But eh, I did get a good look at them before collapsing on the sofa -again- and falling asleep for a few hours. Now I need to go prepare for tomorrow... Must work for those cels... Which btw soonish I'll have another special one (I think). Whee... Wolfie... *flops on bed*
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A very real relationship Roy and Claudia
last modified: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 (1:49:07 AM CST)
Well I got a cel in! I canít seem to help but update everytime I get a cel, even if itís only one! I think the reason is, I donít really spend my money easily unless itís something I really really like. Today I put up Roy Fokker I think if you are a child of the 80ís youíd know Macross or Robotech. He is one of the major characters there! And I especially love this cel because this is from a flashback of Claudia when Roy was still fairly young. Ah those two are my absolute favorite pairing in Macross. To me their relationship is well built, mostly because we do see a story behind it and it wasnít something like love at first sight or first sex. LOL. It is well-based eventhough we all know they werenít the main pair in the show and RoyÖ Well letís just say we wonít get to see more of him after ep 18, until ep 33 with Claudiaís flashback. The past few years I mainly wrote fanfic on Saitou (Geez all my topics include him ne? You must be tired) in alternate pairing in Rurouni Kenshin. I guess this has given me a bit of rep as an alternate pairing fan, but looking back Iíve liked many ďestablishedĒ pairs like Richard and Erika from Daimos, Aoi and Kaoru from Ai Yori Aoshi, among them is Roy and Claudia to name a few. I think my problem with Saitou is him having no real ďrelationshipĒ that was established in the series and really we only see one side of him, unlike letís say of course my other favorite pair Kenshin and Kaoru. And me being a hopeless fan of him just wants to pair him up with someone more tangible to me. No offense to Saitou x Tokio fans out there and yes I know the guy is married but thatís not tangible to me, so I end up picking other characters that I ďknowĒ about. Thatís always been my problem with ďimpliedĒ pairs or pairs Iím just told as ďthatĒ, if I see something just not right about them or not established enough I tend to not believe it. But anyway back to Roy and Claudia, these two are rock solid pairs. Normally if their relationship was left as it was or I was just ďtoldĒ they were the pair, Iíd probably tilt my head and sayÖ UmmmÖ -Sure-, I Ėbelieve- you. Sarcasm there just in case it was missed. Anyway there is a term for that I think in writing, itís called ďSuspension of DisbeliefĒ, that is to convince the reader (or viewer) that something is possible in the context of that show/story. Any anime has some sort of story so it applies. As you can see I didnít believe RK Saitoís pair cause again itís not real to me in RK, in real life thatís a different story but itís also not RK Saito. But Roy and Claudia is VERY VERY REAL and thankfully enough we get that and then some more! The backstory of these two did it for me and they are forever engraved in my mind as ďmeant for each otherĒÖ Ah if only Roy didnít have such a tragic end. T__T Poor ClaudiaÖ Ah now I must go to bed.
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CG.. What to get? Hmmm...
last modified: Saturday, October 28, 2006 (3:42:49 AM CST)
Well thereís a ton of CG shows Iíd love to collect from but unfortunately Iím not a big fan of sketches whether they be layout, genga or douga. Nothing against the others who collect these, I really do like to look at them in other peopleís galleries but I just donít think Iíd shell out money to collect them like I do for a production cel, especially the more popular ones like Bleach. I was thinking of going rilezu but itís just not the same either especially since theyíre usually 200-400 dollars a pop. Itís just so sad I canít figure out what to collect that would remind me of a show, like for example Galaxy Railways. Iím thinking of just going for the settei and save my money for production cels but Iím not sure how high my tolerance is for buying copies, as most of what Iím seeing right now seems to be that. Plus a lot of the settei seems to now be printed on artbooks. Iíve also looked at storyboards like the oneís for RK and if I can barely see the figures Iím not too excited by it either. If I was going for a sketch of some sort Iíd prefer a layout involving a scene I like or a character I love, but the price and getting just the right one would probably lead me more dissatisfied in the end.

*sigh* I think Iíll just go with the settei, theyíre relatively cheaper especially the copy ones and the sets usually contain most of the major characters, items and settings. Perhaps instead of buying rilezu Iíd just learn to make a fancel from the settei that I do buy. Itís definitely not the same but then again at least I wonít be paying a lot for something that would probably leave me ďlackingĒ. Maybe with settei Iíll even learn to draw. LOLÖ Which reminds me so far Iíve ended up empty handed with my search for Voltron cels.. But there is a settei I can try to get my hands on. HmmÖ. *sigh* Ah well off to bed.
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last modified: Sunday, October 22, 2006 (3:49:31 PM CST)
Well I donít know if Iím going about the right way of collecting cels. So far Iíve only bought cels from shows I really like except one or two where the factor for buying is because itís a time period dealing with my Shinsengumi interest or a Shinsengumi related anime. Those I havenít posted yet. I think the problem is I like too many shows and I want at least a cel of my favorite character from a show that Iíve liked and a hell of a lot more for shows I love. I donít buy anything that just looks prettyÖ I donít really think I have an ďeyeĒ for whatís considered beautiful in cel collecting and I donít havea money tree. LOL. I buy mostly character and scenes I remember well but sometimes I just canít afford them like *cough* Macross cels and to an extent RK. The bad thing is I love everything about Macross and RK. LOLÖ But yes I have been on the look out for shows I have liked in the past and been buying them if the price is ďokayĒ. Now the whole reason Iím kind of wondering is Iíve seen people ďthinningĒ down their collection so that they can focus on a show or themeÖ And they seem to have been at this collecting thing for a long time which makes me doubt whether I should be going for cels from various shows just because I liked them. I have no theme for oneÖ And I canít say Iíd be happy with just focusing on RK, YYH, Macross, Daimos and Voltes V. *scratch head* I really enjoyed many other shows Marmalade Boy, Initial D, FY, MKR, etc. etcÖ And itís not like I want a cel from every scene in the ones I really like. Mostly I just want a few cels, character or scene based. Ah wellÖ As Iíve told my friend I shall take these cels with me to my graveÖ Well unless someone wanted to trade a very nice cel of wolfie-kun. LOLÖ
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As if I needed another journal
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*smiles* I couldn't help activating the weblog here. Lately I've been going on and on about cel collecting in my LJ account and I guess spamming my friends spaces. LOL... So I figured, why not put it in the correct place? Right -here-. Hello World!
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